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All about Nepal - what we will see, where we will go, where we live

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Nepal is a completely extraordinary Asian country. From the chaotic traffic in the bustling streets of Thamel and the outlandish traditions of the local population, to the breathtaking scenery of the highest peaks of the planet and the oldest monuments of Buddhist and Hindu cultures, everything is striking here. In this section we will tell you about the sights of the country, the legends and traditions. About what and where to buy. Where we will live and where we will go. What's worth eating and what's better not to try.
How much does it cost to buy gear in Kathmandu. Where, what and how much to buy

Hi! Everyone who is going to Nepal knows that in Kathmandu you can buy equipment very cheap. But not everyone knows how much it costs.

Durbar Square is a royal square in Kathmandu

The center of Nepal’s economic, cultural, political movements and hopes is securely clutched in the iron hand of its main industrial cente...

What they eat on the treks in Nepal - National Cuisine

Travelers around the world go to Nepal for the unique height and beauty of the Himalayan Mountains.

Everest Base Camp: What is it like? Photos, videos and routes

Everest can be approached from two sides: Nepali and Chinese. That’s why there are two camps for climbing the mountain: one on the south s...

The most interesting facts about Nepal

Just look at the flag of Nepal and you immediately realize that this country is unusual, with its own characteristics, which distinguish it from...

Going to Nepal - Tips for girls to make your trek more comfortable

Category: as a participant to a participant Author: Julia Lavrentieva Hi friends, this text will not be from professional guides, not from trekk...

Going to Nepal. What route should we take?

Nepal… A distant and alluring country, a trip to which changes the life of “before” and “after”. Nepal is very ric...

Porter on the trek - to take or not to take

Porters, who, while singing, walk up with a 50-kilogram load on their backs while smoking a cigarette, look like super-humans to panting tourist...

Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna base camp or ABC (Annapurna base camp) is the destination of one of the most popular treks in Nepal and the starting point of

Rules of entry to Nepal. Documents for visa

In pre-coronavirus times, getting a visa upon arrival in Nepal was easy – only a passport and the payment of the visa fee were required. <...

Bodnath is the greatest Buddhist stupa in the world

In the heart of Nepal (South Asia), in a mountain valley near the highest Himalayas and the majestic Tibet lies the capital city of the

Chitwan National Park

If you are going on a trip to the amazing mountainous country of Nepal, plan to visit one of its main treasures, Chitwan National Park.

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