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Before the hike - about equipment and preparation

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All the useful information you need to prepare for a hike, whether it's your first weekend hike in a nearby forest or a long expedition to the eight-thousand-metre peak. How to prepare yourself physically, what equipment to choose, what to take with you on a hike. Only useful articles from our expert teamleaders.
Hiking with kids ⛺️ Mommy tips for moms

Рубрика:  Guest articles Author: Miroslava Partala   Since we are all now a little lockdown and traditional in our society vacation wi...

Physical preparation for the hike - training before the trip to the mountains

Friends, if you want to enjoy hiking in the mountains as much as possible without suffering from fatigue and shortness of breath on long climbs,...

What to take in the Carpathians in winter to hike? List of equipment

Winter hiking in the Carpathian Mountains is a serious challenge both for tourists and for their equipment. That’s why you should choose t...

How to choose trekking poles

Trekking poles – what are they and where do they come from? What are they for and can you do without them? Quite a bit

How to choose a tent for a hike in the mountains

How to choose the right tent for a hike in the mountains? The question of choosing a tent for hiking, trekking or climbing has been

A detailed list of items for a hike in Iceland (Norway)

Iceland is a wonderful and unique country, which has its own very capricious and complex nature. The weather here is changeable, often blowing s...

How to choose trekking sneakers

It is very important to choose good trekking shoes that will meet your requirements and the conditions in which you will wear them. In this

How to choose thermal underwear for hiking and climbing

This article is for those who are just beginning their hiking life and have not yet had time to get everything they need. Many people

How to choose a backpack for hiking and traveling

If you started reading this article, it means that you likedhiking in the mountains and you are ready to open up new horizons. And the

Freeride gear. Freeride backpack

As we said, freeride is the ultimate ski math, so if you’ve decided to go beyond the pistes prepared, to discover a whole new world

Hiking shoes. How to choose trekking boots

Choosing boots for hiking in the mountains is a very responsible task, you can not rely on the fact that any mid-priced boots will allow

First-aid kit - Kuluar hiking first-aid kit

Friends, hi! The question of safety and medicine in a campaign is one of the most important, we always take it seriously and try to

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