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Going to Nepal - Tips for girls to make your trek more comfortable


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Author: Julia Lavrentieva

Hi friends, this text will not be from professional guides, not from trekking managers, but from an ordinary participant, a Kuluar client, trekking to Annapurna base camp (April 2019) and to Everest base camp via Gokyo Lakes (March 2020).

Oddly enough, trekking in Nepal, in spite of all the harshness of the Himalayas, can be a great option to explore the mountains and trekking if you are new to it, like me. The most beautiful and the highest mountains in the world will hospitably open their arms to you, leading you along the good trails (and somewhere along the stone steps), your heavy backpack will carry the porter, you will spend the night with minimum, but still comfortable – in the lodge, with a roof over your head, and the variety of cuisine will not leave you indifferent.

на фоне Пумори

For each trek in Nepal you will find a lot of useful information on the Couloir website, and I strongly recommend that you pack strictly according to these equipment lists. I, as a completely inexperienced hiker, packed easily and without the stress inherent in any road trips, and didn’t find anything extra in my backpack for 2 treks. And if I had packed on my own, there would have been a million things from the “what if I need it” category, and of course there would not have been something badly needed.

But still, for myself, I’ll try to highlight a few important tips that have come in handy for me personally.

Clothing and gear:

Лодж на  треке к Аннапурне

Grooming – cosmetics and creams

It is very important for girls to be able to take care of themselves, so I will say a few words about it.

If you are ready for trekking in the Himalayas, then I venture to guess that you can do without a lot of cosmetics:) From the essentials I would like to single out:

Девочка-шерп.  Не пользуется косметикой)

And what should be in the beginning, because this is a very important moment – your well-being on the track. An ordinary person, who is not an experienced hiker or athlete, it is quite difficult to monitor the reactions of his body, especially in such unfamiliar conditions.

About the physical preparation for the hike Kuluar has a lot of useful information (article: how to prepare for the hike in the mountains). I’ll tell you briefly about how I trained before the trek. While doing regular exercises in the gym, I increased exactly my cardio loads 3 months before the trek, which helped me a lot in the mountains. My heart isn’t racing, no shortness of breath. So running or jumping rope, at the very least, will help you feel invigorated during the trek.

The cuisine on the trek is quite varied and calorie-dense, and after a busy hiking day there is a desire to have a very dense dinner. I tried to stick to the principle: a hearty calorie breakfast in the morning (oatmeal is ideal for me), and lunch and dinner are on the downward slope.

I did not drink coffee during the whole trek, because I was afraid of high blood pressure at altitude, but mint tea when it was hot in the daytime, and hot chocolate in the cold evenings and in the morning were perfect.

На перевале Чо-Ла, высота 5420

I especially want to emphasize the most important point. If everything described above is individual enough, the following applies and is obligatory for all: when the guide says that everyone goes at his own pace, please listen to the guide and especially to your heart, and go at your own pace, even if you fall behind from a very interesting conversation. Don’t be afraid to lag behind the leading group (the second guide is the last one to go anyway), don’t run with the last breath, listen to your body, and rest when you feel you have to.

We do go to the mountains in order to enjoy them with joy and grace to the fullest!

And yes, Kuluar – your life-changing mountain experience!


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