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What they eat on the treks in Nepal - National Cuisine


Travelers around the world go to Nepal for the unique height and beauty of the Himalayan Mountains.

Also attractive is the way of life of the local Sherpas, various religious shrines (Buddhist and Hindu temples, stupas), "Mani Stones" (stones with mantras), prayer drums, which are turned to purify karma, prayer flags hung all over the mountain country and, of course, the local cuisine.

The main thing to say about Nepali food is that it is delicious, interesting and definitely worth a try!

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Features of Nepali Cuisine 

In local restaurants, cafes, and lodges, the menu consists of Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese dishes based on rice and pulses cooked in a variety of variations. Much attention is paid to spices. Tourists trekking in Nepal are offered a good selection of dishes at the lodges. Let's talk briefly about the main ones. 

Trekking food in Nepal

So, what you can eat in the lodges:

  • Dal Bhat is the most popular, sought after and very hearty food in Nepal. Served on a large flat tin plate, it consists of lentil or pea stew, crumbled rice, vegetable stew, appetizingly crispy flatbread, and a spicy sauce. As an option, can be with meat. The portion is very large, costing from 200 to 1,000 rupees (the price rises with the height). The main thing about dal-bat is that you can ask for more as much as you want - it's free.

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  • Fried Rice - boiled and fried in oil rice, with the addition of onions and spices. Possible variations with vegetables, eggs, canned tuna, meat;
  • Chow Men (Chinese noodles) - mixed with vegetables, chicken meat, dressed with sauces and herbs. Costs start at 100 rupees;

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  • Chapati (naan, roti) is a local very tasty flatbread which can be flavored with garlic and cheese and costs about 20 rupees;
  • Mo-Mo - Nepali dumplings with meat or vegetable filling, boiled, fried or steamed, flavored with a lot of spices, including very spicy. The price starts at 100 rupees;

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  • Spring Rolls - like sushi, wrapped in pita bread (pancakes) with a variety of meat, fish, vegetable, apple, and chocolate toppings;
  • Yak steak (yak meat) - served in a hot pan, with fresh vegetables as a garnish. Meat is not a very frequent product, but can be tasted in Namche Bazaar. Price - from 400 rupees;
  • Green Salad - a tasty and healthy green salad consisting of a beautifully piled tender salad leaves, chopped slices of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions;
  • Yachy Cheese, made from yachy milk, with a tangy flavor.

Well, and the familiar pizzas are served in literally every lodge.

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The most common drinks

There is always something on the menu to quench your thirst (freshly squeezed fruit and berry juices, coffee, regular, traditional black, green, mint, ginger teas, soft Coke, Fanta, instant lemon, mango, apple, sea buckthorn drinks, hot chocolate). But it is also worth trying the local, delicious and nutritious teas:

  • Masala Tea is a sweet, very fragrant, thirst- and hunger-quenching beverage made of steeped black tea, milk, honey, or sugar, as well as healthy, blood-thinning spices (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, fennel);

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  • Peppermint, whose main ingredient is Himalayan peppermint;
  • Tibetian Tea (Tibetan Tea, Chasuima), indispensable in the harsh Tibetan climate, warming, energy drink, made from fermented Puer with the addition of yak oil, milk and salt;
  • Ginger Lemon Honey Tea - very invigorating hot drink, which includes hot components (ginger, honey, lemon).

Of alcohol, we recommend you to try Tongba (Tongba, Chang) - a low-alcohol drink, Tibetan beer, which has a mild, with a sour taste, made from fermented cereals with the addition of ginger and local herbs. Chang is a good warming drink, and if not consumed in moderation, it can knock you off your feet.

Nepal's traditional sweets include delicate rice and chocolate puddings, battered apple and banana slices, apple and chocolate pies.

The cost of food on the Himalayan trek 

So, the popular food of trekkers is proper, simple and hearty food that contributes to successful acclimatization: Nepalese broth, soup (garlic, tomato, onion), Dal Bat, flatbread, Mo-Mo, Spring Rolls, sweets, lots of drinks, particularly tea. It takes an average of $15 to $25 per day to eat, with vegetarians a little less, and especially hungry "meat-eaters" a little more (don't forget that you can always take a free refill). On the whole, it depends on the number of days on the trek.

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We also offer a small gallery with pictures of menus in Nepalese lodges:


So, you want to try some unusual, delicious, varied Nepalese food, then come with us to the treks:

25.03 - 08.04.2023
08.04 - 22.04.2023
02.10 - 16.10.2023
Complexity high
Distance 109 km
Duration 15 days
Price 1050$
24.04 - 08.05.2023
20.10 - 03.11.2023
Complexity high
Distance 144 km
Duration 15 days
Price 1170$
10.04 - 21.04.2023
Complexity low
Distance 95 km
Duration 12 days
Price 980$

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