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Interesting and useful information about mountain peaks, in particular about the eight-thousanders. Unique content based on our personal experience. Almost all articles are accompanied by video stories from experienced climbers of Kuluar club.
Volcanic Seven Summits

Many have probably heard of the Seven Summits program, which involves mountaineering ascents to the main, highest mountains on all seven contine...

Top 5 Deadliest Peaks in the World

Hello friends, I’m Taras Pozdnii and today we will talk about the most deadly peaks of the world, as well as the causes of death

TOP 3 causes of death on Everest. Why and when people died on Everest

306 people died on Everest. From the first ascent attempts up to and including 2019. And every year that number grows. Why go to Everest?

The world's eight-thousandest mountains. The highest mountains and peaks of the world

Friends, hi! This is Taras Pozdnii. Today let’s talk about my favorite subject eight-thousandest mountains. I will tell you what they are,...

Deaths on Everest - detailed statistics for 2019

Hello, everyone! Regarding the highest mountain on the planet, outdated, concocted and incorrect facts, taken from unverified sources, are often...

The program "Seven peaks". List of mountains with descriptions. How much does Seven summits cost?

There are several iconic programs in the world of high-altitude mountaineering. First of all, these are the programs Seven summits, 14 eight-tho...

The price of climbing Everest 2022. The cost of the Crown of Earth program. What affects the price?

How much does it cost to climb Everest? One of the most frequently asked questions, the answer to which regularly leaves me slightly or not

How much does Everest cost? Cost of climbing Everest in 2020

For many, Everest is an unattainable peak not only in terms of height, but also because of the high cost of climbing. Often climbers who

How to climb Everest for a beginner? Everest from scratch

Author: Taras Pozdnii We often receive requests to climb Everest from newcomers – people who have never been to the mountains before. But ...

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