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How much does it cost to buy gear in Kathmandu. Where, what and how much to buy



Everyone who is going to Nepal knows that in Kathmandu you can buy equipment very cheap. But not everyone knows how much it costs. And not everyone knows that not all equipment is worth buying in Kathmandu. The answers to most questions about trekking equipment in Nepal, we will give in this article.

How much does it cost to go to Kathmandu?

All our treks in Nepal begin in the capital city of Kathmandu. And every time we and our participants buy all the equipment they need for successful trekking. So we know the prices of gear in Kathmandu very well. Prices are from spring 2018 and are current as of early 2020:

Important! Here is the actual price of our purchase, and we haggled diligently. In the beginning, the prices for gear in Tamela are quoted as much as one and a half to two times higher.

сколько стоит снаряжение в Катманду?

What not to buy in Kathmandu

You should understand that you can’t buy quality things for cheap – good craftsmanship and technological materials are expensive. Buying cheap equipment in Kathmandu you have to accept its mediocre quality. That is why I categorically advise against buying:

  1. Technological things – all sorts of membranes, thermal underwear (it is also expensive), etc. If you are not very knowledgeable in it, you can easily get a fake. Better to take home in specialty stores.
  2. Important equipment such as sleeping bag and boots. The temperature of a Nepalese sleeping bag is hard to guess, and the boots should always be worn at home before starting trekking.
  3. Backpacks may not be bad, but they cost the same as ours.
  4. Sunglasses, with the exception of real brand-name, which is difficult to find here.

What gear do I recommend buying in Thamel

As you might have guessed – everything is not very important and not technological. First of all I recommend hats with earflaps (fur caps) which are very nice-looking. Also in Kathmandu almost everyone buys trekking poles, shoe covers, fleece, down jackets, microfiber towels.

непальская шапка

And if you really need it badly, then yes, you can buy everything here.

Branded gear in Kathmandu

In addition to basement gear there are stores in Kathmandu with quality branded gear. If you’d like, we’ll take you there to see. But the price tags are definitely not cheaper (or maybe even more expensive) than usual – simple membranes start at 200 bucks and up. The rest is in the same vein.

Buying Tips

Video overview of the range of camping equipment from Tamel stores


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