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At Kuluar, we believe that by doing good, we make the world a better place. That's how we came up with social projects. We hold charity hikes for children who don't have the opportunity to see the mountains. They receive a percentage of each hike you go on, as well as donations from our clients. In 2019, we started eco-hikes as part of the project "Pure Karpaty" to raise public awareness of the problems of trash in the native Carpathians.

By supporting. 2x Mavic 3 Fly more combo to the front line

Let us share with you a story of total support and a whole series of cases that can be described as a “miracle. After all,

#KuluarDobro - another rehabilitation group, financial results for September

Carpathians. Soul Reloaded. Stories that, when you hear them, you can hardly hold back your tears. Families who lost everything – their ho...

Auction report 08.10 - UAH 153xxx was raised

“We didn’t take a lot of pictures, there was a lot of work and constant shelling. But there is one picture, I think it’s not <...

KULUAR HELP financial results for August

Friends, in one post we will write the financial results of the activities for which we did not previously report.

We held two charity hikes for children

Another summer camping season in the mountains is over. And we traditionally, as promised, made preparations for charity hikes for orphans from ...

Charity hike for the district orphanage "Lyubystok" and participants of the project VIPskniki

“Hello Kuluarovtsi! Today we are going to tell you a short and bright story. Last year for St. Nicholas Day we, together with the store

Charity trip for the "Swallow's Nest" family-type orphanage

The mission of the Kuluar is “To make people happy by opening up to them the world of the mountains.”

💚KULUAR HELP💚 Working results as of 13.05

Friends, hello everyone! We are sharing with you results of KULUAR HELP work to support the Ukrainian army as of 05/13.

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