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Troll's Tongue Trek - hiking in Norway

5 | Reviews: 12
Price €570
Duration 6 days
Complexity medium
Distance 42 km
Start place Bergen, until 18:00
Finish place Bergen

Impressions in a trek

Unforgettable vacation
The Weightlessness of Being
An enchanting view
Cozy Bryggen
Real Trekking
Norwegian colorite

Why with Kuluar?

Unique circular trek

We didn't want to do hike everyone else - ascend and descend in one day. So we designed a three-day trek around Lake Ringedalsvatn. At that time there was nothing similar at the Internet, and we were the first to lead a group on this route!

An overnight stay near the Troll's tongue itself

We spend the night near the Troll's Tongue itself. This will allow us to avoid the hefty queues and enjoy the views at sunset and sunrise. Twice the chance of catching good weather. New avatars are assured!

Visit to Preikestulen Rock 2

We'll hike you to Preikestulen 2, the one near Troll's Tongue. Few tourists get here, and for good reason. The views from the rock are incredible, and standing on this ledge is much scarier than on Tongue.

More Norwegian landscapes

We take a circular trail around Lake Ringedalsvatn instead of descending the same way. You will discover landscapes even more mesmerizing than from Trolltunga. But it won't be easy sometimes)

Comfort in the mountains

During the trek we will have the opportunity to visit several huts for tourists high in the mountains, where there is absolutely everything a tourist needs, starting with a stove, a bed and ending with wooden sticks for food.

Guaranted dates

We do not cancel or shift groups. If the manager approved the purchase of a ticket, you can surely buy it. The hike will not be canceled due to our fault.

Kuluar teamleader

Kuluar experienced teamleaders will accompany the group along the entire route, making your trip as memorable and safe as possible! They have been to Norway many times and know the country in details.

Experienced Manager

The manager, who will advise you before the trip, has been to Norway herself and will tell you the details from personal experience!

97,8% satisfied participants

More than 12,000 participants have already gone to the mountains with the Kuluar and 97,8% were satisfied.

Kuluar - your life-changing mountain experience!

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