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Trekking in Peru: Machu Picchu, Salkantay Valley, Ausangate Trek

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Price $2750
Duration 16 days
Complexity high
Distance 100 km
Start place Lima
Finish place Lima

Impressions in a trek

Ancient ruins
Snow-capped peaks
Funny alpacas
Original flavor
Colorful mountains
Exciting trekking
Sparkling glaciers
Mysterious Machu Picchu
Blue Lakes

Why with Kuluar?

Full immersion

During 16 days tour in Peru we will be able to fully experience all the charms of South America and the maximum privacy with nature.

We'll see Machu Picchu

The most important attraction and calling card of any trip to Peru.

Guaranted dates

We do not cancel or shift groups. If the manager approved the purchase of a ticket, you can surely buy it. The hike will not be canceled due to our fault.

Kuluar teamleader

Kuluar experienced teamleaders will accompany the group along the entire route, making your trip as memorable and safe as possible! They have been to South America many times and know the country in detail.

Experienced Manager

The manager, who will advise you before the trip, thoroughly knows the route and will tell you about it in detail!

97,8% satisfied participants

More than 12,000 participants have already gone to the mountains with the Kuluar and 97.8% were satisfied. We're sure you will, too!

See the Rainbow Mountains

The mere sight of which takes your breath away

Let's learn about indigenous Indians life

During the trekking we will have the opportunity to see the distinctive culture of the indigenous Quechua Indians.

Kuluar - your life-changing mountain experience!

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