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The most interesting and beautiful places you can see on our hikes. Attractions that are not included in separate sections by region. Of course, each route is unique and unrepeatable. To describe all the advantages of each of them takes a lot of time. That's why the section is constantly updated.
The Camino de Santiago in the 21st Century

At the top left of the map of the Iberian Peninsula is the city of Santiago de Compostela, where dozens of the oldest trekking routes

Mountain Lakes of the Carpathians

Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains beckon tourists with their grandeur and mesmerizing beauty. Clean and fragrant local air is just a bliss. And the...

Marmarosh Ridge, or the Hutsul Alps

Somewhere in a secluded corner of the Ukrainian Carpathians, on the border with Romania, lurks the humble Marmaros. This mountain range is quite...

Hoverla Mountain - the Carpathians

It would seem that Hoverla is the most famous mountain in Ukraine; everyone knows about it, and many people have been there, but many only

Gorgany is a wild corner of the Carpathians

For some people «Gorgany » – is just an incomprehensible mysterious word, but for those tourists who at least once visited the...

Mountain Pop Ivan Chernogorsky

Pop Ivan Chernogorsky – 2028m – Pop Ivan, Black Mountain. The third highest peak of the Carpathian Mountains, the easternmost of the...

Mount Khomyak

Among the variety of locations for hiking one of the most popular is Mount Khomyak. It is climbed both as a weekend hike and as

Montenegro Ridge

Montenegro ridge, or as it is called by the people – Chernogora – is very popular among tourists. And for good reason – it is ...

Active recreation in Turkey (hiking and climbing)

Everyone likes to relax: from everyday work, the daily rush, boring situation. Everyone rests in different ways. One just lays on the couch, the...

Hoverla - all hiking routes

The panorama of the most part of the Ukrainian Carpathians opens to those who have climbed to the top of Hoverla. Forested mountains, shrouded i...

The Lycian Trail - moderny ancient tale

The Lycian Trail, or as it is called in Turkish Likya Yolu, is the most amazing and varied trail in Turkey. According to The Sunday

The Lycian Trail - regional features and routes

The Lycian Trail for many tourists opens the door to overseas travel. It does not leave any tourist indifferent, because the variety of landscap...

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