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Climbing Chimborazo and Cotopaxi | Ecuador

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Price $2370
Duration 10 days
Altitude complexity 6/10
Technical complexity 5/10
Start place Quito
Finish place Quito

Impressions during climbing Chimborazo and Cotopaxi

Chimborazo - Ecuador's highest volcano
Ecuador's diverse nature
Picturesque Pululaua Crater
Quito is one of the highest capitals in the world
Ascent the active volcano Cotopaxi
Teleferico Quito Cable Car
Bathing in thermal springs
Colorful Indian market in Otavalo
Kilotoa crater lake
Moving in сrampons and bunches
Dawn Shadow of Chimborazo
Exploring the culture of Ecuador

Why with Kuluar?

Thoughtful acclimatization

Our route requires high quality acclimatization, which will allow the body to get used to the altitude and increase the likelihood of successful ascent.

Rich program

Our itinerary includes not only climbing famous volcanoes, but also many other natural attractions, as well as an introduction to the original culture of Ecuador.

Training of necessary climbing skills

At the first part of the program, participants will be able to improve their climbing skills necessary to climb to the top.

No more than two participants per guide while climbing

Local guides accompany the group on climbs and take care of the safety of participants.

Reserve day for bad weather

The program includes a reserve day in case of bad weather, which greatly increases the chances of a successful ascent of the Chimborazo.

Opportunity to visit Galopogos

You can extend your vacation in Ecuador and go to the paradisiacal islands after the main program is over.

Assistance in preparation

If necessary, we can help you with packing and purchasing airline tickets.

Guaranted dates

We do not cancel or reschedule groups. If the manager has given permission to buy a ticket, you can buy it with confidence. There will be no cancellation through our fault.

Experienced Manager

The manager has participated in many climbs and will advise you knowledgeably.

Kuluar teamleader

Experienced Kuluar teamleaders will accompany participants throughout the program.

Standard of the program

During the work of the club we have developed an algorithm, which allows us to organize the programs of the highest quality. You can see this for yourself by applying for participation.

97,8% satisfied participants

More than 12,000 participants have already gone to the mountains with the Kuluar and 97.8% were satisfied.

Discounts on equipment up to 20% in partner stores

Possibility of substantial savings on equipment, going on a climb with Kuluar.

Kuluar - your life-changing mountain experience!

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