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A detailed list of items for a hike in Iceland (Norway)


Iceland is a wonderful and unique country, which has its own very capricious and complex nature. The weather here is changeable, often blowing strong winds and rain, and snowy nights are possible even in the middle of summer. Therefore, the choice of equipment for hiking in Iceland, should be taken responsibly. In this article we will try to answer in detail the question of equipment for trekking in Iceland, so that unpleasant weather surprises do not spoil your holiday. This list is also suitable for hiking in Norway, as the climate of these countries is very similar.

Basic gear for Iceland

рюкзак для похода по ИсландииBackpack

Girls suit for 65-80 liters, men 80-90 liters. Hiking is not complicated and the model backpack is not so important. It can be a backpack with a hard or with a soft back. The main thing that “fit” on you. When choosing a backpack in the store, be sure to weight it down – put 7 pounds of cargo (tent, sleeping bags …) and walk around the room with the straps fastened. Only with a loaded backpack can you feel how it fits.

спальник для похода по ИсландииSleeping bag

The choice of sleeping bag should be taken responsibly, because it depends on how comfortable you will sleep at night, how you sleep and rest. The average night temperature is about +4, but one night may be in the snow. Take sleeping bags with comfort temperature from 0 to -5, you will not freeze in them (look only at the comfort temperature!). The weight of the sleeping bag should not exceed 1.7 kg.

коврик для похода по ИсландииMat

The mat should have a good enough insulation. Both regular Izhevsk two-ply mats and more expensive tourist mats are excellent. Under no circumstances take a thin yoga mat – it will be cold to sleep on it!

Палатка для похода по ИсландииTent

The two main factors to pay attention to are wind resistance and water resistance. The tent should hold 3000-5000 mm, and the arcs should preferably be aluminum. At the same time, make sure that the tent is not too heavy – about 1-1.5 kg per person. That is, if you take a two-man tent, it should weigh up to 3 kg. If you have any difficulties – write or call us, we’ll help and tell you.

рейнковер для ИсландииRainkaver (rain cover on a backpack)

Even if your backpack is waterproof (all modern ones are positioned as waterproof), you should still take a rinkover. Often it is already built into the backpack, but sometimes you have to buy it separately.

Треккинговые палкиTrekking poles

You don’t have to take them, but they are desirable. They will relieve your knees, give stability during fords and driving on difficult terrain. And on flat areas they can be folded and put in the backpack. Choose ones that are sturdy enough.

сидушка для ИсландииSeat mat

A small mat with an elastic band under the butt. Convenient: sat wherever you wanted.

Clothing and footwear for hiking in Iceland

Ботинки для похода по ИсландииTrekking boots

The boots should be high, waterproof and stiff enough. In more detail, try to choose higher ankles – this will protect the foot from wiggling on difficult terrain. And the snow will fall much less. We often have to walk on hard volcanic rock and sharp stones, and the boots must stand it. Impermeability of any shoes – it’s debatable, but in any case take those with fewer seams – so your feet will be longer in dryness and comfort. Be sure to choose a size larger – that on the descent your toes do not rest against the edge of the shoe. Otherwise, your toes will be pressed and hurt. Be sure to wear them apart before you go hiking.

сандалии для похода по исландииTrekking sandals

They will be useful for walking around camp and for fords, of which there will be several. Your sandals should zip up well so they don’t get washed away by the current. If you take flip-flops and not sandals, then take duct tape and tape your feet on the fords. This is such a harsh method that will still keep you from losing your shoes. It’s good if the sandals have closed toes.

кроссовки для треккинга в исландииSneakers

A spare pair of shoes for walking around town or camp. In fact, if you take good sandals and boots, you don’t have to.

мембранная куртка для исландииMembrane jacket

Waterproof and windproof, necessarily with a hood. Preferably waterproof from 10,000mm.

пуховик для ИсландииLightweight down jacket

If you have a lightweight down jacket or vest – take it, you won’t regret it. For evening walks and gatherings in nature is a great option. Down jacket should be compact and weigh no more than 0.5 kg.

флиска в исландиюFleece (sweatshirt)

You can take two – one lightweight and one warmer. Mostly you’ll wear a fleece to camp, the city or to the races. Fleece is good because it dries quickly and keeps you warm even when wet. You can replace it with a wool sweater.

мембранные штуны для трека в ИсландииMembrane pants

Light in weight, definitely airtight and waterproof. As with the jacket, a waterproof rating of 10,000mm is desirable. To be worn mainly during rain and strong winds, you can top up with thermal pants or trekking pants. Given the peculiarities of the weather in Iceland/Norway, you can go almost the whole trekking in them.

Трекинговые штаны для ИсландииHiking (trekking) pants

Pants in which you will walk every day. Must be comfortable, not restrictive of movement, lightweight, durable, quick drying and good moisture dissipation. Usually have lightweight water repellent properties.

Термобелье в поход по ИсландииThermal underwear: pants and two sweatshirts

One thermal underwear should be active – for transitions (synthetic and quick drying), and the second for the camp – warmer, can be made of natural fibers. One pair of pants is enough.

Thermal t-shirt, T-shirts

Even in Iceland, the sun sometimes gives us warmth. It is likely that for a few days we will hike around in t-shirts. We should take two or three of them.

Термоноски для походов в ИсландиюSocks – 5 pairs

You need about five pairs of socks, they should be higher than the boot line (so that the boot does not rub on the foot) and warm enough. Remember that the average daytime temperature is +13, and at night it can drop to zero. Ideally buy trekking shoes, they are quite expensive, but will protect your feet from chafing and will last almost forever. Save one pair of extra warm socks for sleep.

флисовые перчатки для исландииGloves

Preferably fleece – they are lightweight, warm, and dry quickly.

летний бафф для ИсландииSummer Buff

Buff is a versatile headgear that comes in handy for protecting us from wind and cold. It can be worn both on the head and as a scarf.

шапка для исландииWinter Buff/Hat

A warm hat is a must in Iceland, where even in the middle of summer there is snow and strong winds..

гамаши для похода по исландииGhamashi (shoe covers)

Необязательная, но очень удобная вещь. Гамаши защитят ваши ноги от снега, грязи и воды, которые могут попасть в ботинок.

купальник для исландииSwimsuit

You will bathe in the thermal springs, swimming pool, and you can also go to the Blue Lagoon..
пончо для похода по ИсландииRaincoat/Poncho

It’s worth bringing a raincoat, even if you have nice membrane clothing. Who knows what will happen to it during the hike? It’s convenient when the raincoat is a poncho. That is, immediately put on both the person and the backpack. It is good when there is a pocket on the chest, in which fits a camera.

Underwear – Quantity within reason)

Other things for hiking in Iceland

A small backpack. We’ll often go radial (that is, we’ll set up camp and go for a walk around the area on a lightweight). It’s convenient to have a place to put water, a raincoat, a sweatshirt, and a camera to hide from the rain. Backpack must be light and compact.

Mug, bowl, spoon, knife. Utensils must not be ceramic or breakable.

Water bottle. A normal plastic water bottle. If there is a drinking system, this is a great option.

Sunscreen. In the snow or in the fog burns very quickly, take the cream for sure. But take a small pack.

Hygienic lipstick. Will protect your lips from chapped and dehydration

Sun glasses. Especially useful while driving on snowfields.

Bags. Bags are the kind of thing you need a lot of. Take with you a pack of regular garbage bags of 30 liters. They will be able to pack things so they do not get wet. In addition you can take a large bag of 120 liters and hide in it backpack at night.

Documents: passport, insurance, license (if you’re going to rent a car). Be sure to pack in hermetic bags – those on clasps that do not let moisture.

Card, money. The card must be a chip card. Make sure that your card is allowed for transactions abroad (sometimes you have to call the bank just before the trip and ask to activate the service). You don’t have to change money in the process – even high up in the mountains you can pay with the card. You can change 20 dollars for an emergency and make sure you have 5 coins of 100 kroner for a shower at one of the campsites.

Hygiene products: Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, soap, deodorant. We take small jars, purely for the trip. It is possible to take one set on several people.

Towel. In travel stores sell microfiber towels. They are very light and quickly absorb moisture. It is worth buying.

Handkerchiefs. You will probably have a nosebleed while hiking, so either get handkerchiefs or unwrap toilet paper

Toilet paper. All campgrounds have toilet paper, but they may run out. It is a good idea to pack just in case.

A camera, a spare battery, and a memory card. Batteries run out faster in cold climates, so buy a spare battery and make sure there is enough space on the card – after all, we are going to take a lot of pictures. Plan how you will protect your camera from the rain

Mobile Phone. You’ll be hiding your camera in your backpack on tough hikes, and your phone is always in your pocket and you can quickly take pictures of beauty with it.

Cell phone charger. Almost every campsite will have a way to recharge your

Power Station. Iceland has very good phone coverage, so if you want to stay online, buy a small charging unit. The 10,000 mpa charger weighs about 250 grams and allows you to charge your phone 3-4 times. Unfortunately, on the trek (which is 5-6 days) you can only charge your phone for money – about $4 per charge. In Reykjavik you can buy a SIM card with 3 GB internet for 1750 kronor, that is, for 13 dollars, and call on Vyber and post photos from any part of the hike

Clothespins, rope. If it’s sunny, you can wash and dry things. The rope can be stretched between the trekking poles.

Personal first aid kit. Band-aids, something for your stomach, head, and medicine for your personal ailments (if any). Your guide will have the rest of your first aid kit.

Packed backpack with personal belongings should weigh 12-13 kg. You are to add about 3-4 kg of food for girls and 6-7 kg for men. Those who have a tent will have less food. We will ask you to bring some of the food to Iceland, because we don’t have all the necessary groceries for the trip there.

For the idea of the article and personal advice thanks to our participant Lila Kirilenko.


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