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Six days of buzz in the mountains with Kuluar!

Author: Anastasia Vavilova, Zhitomir
Teamleader: Dmytro Sandul
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It's been 7 days since we returned from hiking in Montenegro. It seems only yesterday we went to the Couloir website for the first time and saw the Dolomite Alps tour, but due to Covid 19 and quarantine restrictions we chose another country for trekking. Montenegro!

Our trekking began when we arrived in Zabljak. That same evening we went to one of the most beautiful lakes – Black Lake. The magic of the Black Lake is simply absorbing from the inside. The view from the lake is spectacular: mountain peaks reflecting in the water, and the most beautiful dense forest around the lake. In the evening we gathered for dinner with our company and had an interesting evening of acquaintance and fellowship.

Шесть дней кайфа в горах с Кулуар!

The second day of our trekking began with the ascent to the mountain Crvena Greda. After an hour of our hike began to rain, and the higher we climbed, the more snow we met and after 5 hours we climbed to the top of Crvena Greda – 2175 m. On the way up the mountain we have a breathtaking view of Mount Durmitor, for the whole day we walked 25 km, technically it was not a difficult route, which required physical endurance, with us were children 12 and 4 years old, 25 km we went together.

The third day of our trekking started towards Mount Savin Cook. We decided to hike up Savin Cook on the elevator instead of on foot and continued to the top of Savin Cook on foot. The view was gorgeous, we could see Black Lake, forests, mountains, villages. We sat down and enjoyed these beauties. The evening of the third was very warm, it ended with celebrating our guide Dimitri Sandul’s birthday and eating delicious pizza.

Шесть дней кайфа в горах с Кулуар! - фото 1

The fourth day of the hike was the most difficult for me. We climbed the serpentine trail to the highest peak of the Durmitor, Bobot Kuk. I was told that it would not be too difficult and not scary, but I could not even imagine that would be such a hike on the rocks and cliffs, and the last 100 meters up – the ropes hanging over the precipice at 2400 meters, I was already sitting on the slope and said that I did not want anything, fear of height overcame me. Thanks to my husband who helped me gather my strength, get up and reach those last meters. The view from the top is just awesome! I won’t say too much about the beauty – you should see and feel it yourself, and photos won’t do it justice.

My group and I returned to Zabljak tired, but insanely happy. I strongly recommend to try and conquer the Bobotov Cook!

Шесть дней кайфа в горах с Кулуар! - фото 4

On the fifth day, the active part of our hike was over. On the way from the beautiful village of Zabljak to Kotor, our way went through another wonderful place, the Djurdjevic Bridge. Very beautiful and picturesque bridge. The scenery it reveals is mesmerizing. We took a ride on the zip line to feel and see all the beauty of the canyon of the Tara River.

Upon arrival to Kotor, we settled in our apartment and went for a walk in the old town, and we also visited the towering castle. In the evening we had a final dinner with our group and guide in a cozy, local restaurant. It was deliciously wonderful! Kuluar thank you for our first hike in Montenegro together.

Шесть дней кайфа в горах с Кулуар! - фото 3

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