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Breakthrough 5000

Author: Vladislav Ruslov
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The idea of passing some iconic vertical obstacle has intrigued me for several years. Against the backdrop of the Carpathian Mountains, albeit domestic, but quite varied, the challenge of five thousand seemed harsh enough.

As a result, from the near abroad Kazbek caught the eye not only because of its proximity, but also because of the once tried Georgian hospitality.

Offering a years-long program and a choice of dates to visit this mountain beauty, Kuluar left no choice in a good way.

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The trip was planned for the end of June, and somewhere around the end of May, after a month of advance and measured preparations, backed up by the advice of the manager and the instructions of the Kuluar website, we met the first members of the group at the Boryspil terminal to set sail for the capital of the Caucasian beauties. The team became a team from the very beginning of the trip – everyone had the same mood of adventure and the same idea of climbing to as yet unexplored heights. This unites us)

From the airport in Tbilisi we were taken in a local, exquisite Mercedes, which we had rented right at the exit of the air gate, to the base hostel, where we were joined with all the other participants of the expedition. The hostel downtown is wonderful – run by a married young couple of a Frenchman and a Brazilian woman who have fallen in love with Georgia and help make it happen for their guests. In the capital we spent the necessary three days before taking the Covid tests and from there we rushed to Kazbegi, where the immediate purpose of our visit was already visible. The view is extremely magnetic, especially in the first hours of our arrival.

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Kazbegi also sheltered us in a cozy hostel, with fascinating vistas in the direction we were interested in. On the day of arrival, we made an acclimatizing march to the church with stunning views of the settlements below us. The first hundred meters up, the first team experience, already in real movement. All of this was reinforced by the culinary flavors of the local cuisine.

The next day began a bright ascent through the unique beauty along the vista trails towards the base camp. The impressions of penetrating the mountain air and the feeling of being surrounded by a natural museum cannot be conveyed by any digital copies. Natural pristine. The first stay on the glacier can also be compared to entering a space beyond the boundary. Streams of water, cracks, waterfalls, growing mountains in front of us. Everything is mysterious, but at the same time it lures us to go further up.

Upon arrival at base camp, we literally became part of this common home, where the guides-hosts from the Couloir help merge with nature, the altitude and become even more friends) Spent 3 days here, without which a balanced ascent is hardly possible, in which you should use all the acquired tips and emotions from being in this first over-the-top atmosphere.

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The ascent itself is physically challenging because of at least going out at night and the subsequent active workload for more than 10 hours, but because this is what you came here for, it is incredibly interesting. You live through the change of night in the morning, among the snow-covered mountains, you feel the passage of new levels of your abilities, while you are unlimitedly surrounded by those pictures that “no matter how much you reach down”).

Several other groups meet on the trail. Everyone seems to have a hard time, even the guides who go more than a dozen times – crossed a bunch led by a local guide, it was his 106th time! Unforgettable. It is necessary to go and listen. After Kazbek the mountains and the altitude are already different. Calling again, the Caucasus gives a quality message)

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