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Review of the itinerary "Travel to Lycian way (Turkey) by car"

Author: Tsvilodub Olena
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I wonder if anyone has been able to put together a review in Couloir format on 2 Wordpress pages? I honestly tried. Not so much because of the monetary reward, but because I wanted to thank Anton for his unobtrusive but round-the-clock care.

As they say, be able to distinguish between care and custody, when a person imposes on you what HE thinks is necessary. Caring is different. A person observes and tries to offer what YOU need. Rarely does anyone do this, so it is especially valuable.

Understandably, we all expectedly received detailed instructions on gear, clothing, shoes, and food before the trip.

And next, keep an eye on the chat room! Here it is – the first concern:

Hi guys (prayer_hands).

Saw that you all have a night flight. Know well what it’s like. Will have the cars ready by 6:00 at the airport and invite you to make the short drive to the sea. We will spend 4-5 hours there, in the shade of pine trees resting and swimming.

I look forward to seeing you (smiley).

To rest and swim after the flight were offered watermelons, peaches, cherries, strawberries and God knows what else, carefully bought and delivered to the strip of surf.

And so it is every day. Each day is planned based on group requests, weather, moods. Magically there is a shower on request, or the best hammam in Antalya, or a bottle of wine from Dogubayazit. The special charm is not knowing anything about the details of the route, living in the flow and not caring about tomorrow. There’s something of childhood here. Where shall we go? What will we see? How will we get there? What shall we eat? Where do we sleep?

О! Where we sleep! I’d say the sleepovers are lovingly chosen.

And all that I can see is just another lemon tree
I’m turning my head up and down
I’m turning, turning, turning, turning, turning around
And all that I can see is just another lemon tree

Yes, yes, we slept in the lemon orchard! Two nights! We slept in the olive grove, too! And in the pine forest, too…There we sniffed thyme and watched the concave sea. The imaginary line of the horizon passed before our eyes at the level of the islands. And the real horizon was higher. And it seemed that the water between those lines was about to spill onto the shore. But fufu, nothing happened ))))

As it turns out, it’s always someone’s birthday at this magical place. And sure enough! This time it’s mine! Thank you, Anton, for the gift. I’ve never had flasks and water bottles. And the couloir green one is very good!

I also had a light fainting spell at that parking lot from the juicer. It makes sense. of course, when we pass orange groves, to invite the oranges to juice. But to think of it in camping conditions-ah-vah-!!!! …and a hammock…

And there’s that “Please don’t meet the sunset here! Take the trail behind the rock. You won’t regret it!” We didn’t regret it, Anton)) We are thrilled!

And then I can’t describe in sequence all that we saw and experienced. The place is beautiful and unique.

Two thousand years old sycamore tree in 10 girths. It is cool and calm next to it. Probably knows something about eternity.

Cedar groves, the smell of tar and thyme and oregano. Antalya after all this is phe…

Chukovo-Gekovo-Kekovo))… Who expected that it would be so great? And the ancient civilization, which went under water, and the boat, and bathing in the cove…

Saklikent Canyon, Gizlikent waterfall… (…here we should speak with aspiration and roll our eyes in admiration).It had to be known and planned that we could spend a night under the canyon, came there first at the opening and walked to the waterfall by clean transparent water absolutely alone. Just our own group.

And the turtle beaches? It’s so nice that people are finally starting to care about the people we share the planet with. It turns out that Dalian wanted to build a hotel on the turtle beach. “+” to people’s karma – the protests against the construction were strong enough, and now there’s a recreational center for turtles instead of another hotel.

Dalyan in general liked it very much. We wanted to stay there for several days. We approved of English and German pensioners – a magic place! And we approved of Anton. It was impossible not to look at the Dalyan valley from above! Even just before departure )).

And cool Olympos, where laurels grow everywhere, and the ducks swim with dignity in fresh water into the sea?

And the moray? Too bad it’s dead((.

And also, and more, who flew still have to remember that the world center of paragliding is also here, in Lycia. And it was with us too!

Lots of places I wanted to stay longer. Probably, quite a good idea after the tour to stay a few days more to enjoy the sea, to take over impressions.

And impressions – weight. Rest was definitely successful!

Thanks to Anton and Kuluar.

Pyssy: Anton was the last to leave the campfire and the first to light it in the morning. We noticed.


Discovery1 – Crocs are kept on dry and wet rocks, you can bathe in them and they dry instantly Discovery2 – Food from James Cook and Їdla is delicious and varied. And it’s fun to pull from the bag at random.

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