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Hike through Norway. 19 days of northern summer - part 2

Author: Maria Zemledukh, 26, Kiev, Ukraine
Teamleader: Maxym Khomiakevych
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This story is about how we spent our summer. We didn't have the sea, the beach, and the sun. We had much more: beautiful lakes, forest paths, powerful waterfalls, unusual mountains, cute shelter houses, lots and lots of rocks, deep snow, strong wind, rain, rain and rain again. And all this was given to us by harsh queen Norway!

See the beginning of the trip in the review “19 Days of a Northern Summer – Part 1”

Day 12 – Bergen

At first we wanted to go to the Flåmsbana railroad – the very old and beautiful one, through tunnels, past mountains, waterfalls, fjords. But it turned out Bergenden – we were on duty, so we stayed to cook dinner, and, of course, still wander the city.

Today it was warm and we went, of course, where do you think? right, up the mountain!) Fløyen, well, it’s not really a mountain, 425 m, but if you do not go in a serpentine direction and straight down, it is very steep slope 🙂 It is beautiful, green, with blueberry bushes and raspberries and tourists. From the top there is a panoramic view of the city center, but very, very many people, so we did not linger there, but we chose the next stop 🙂

I liked Nordnes neighborhood – quiet, nice little houses and cafes, not crowded, but very close to the center. We spent a long time sitting on the seafront, looking at the ships sailing back and forth, at the seagulls and clouds.

In the evening we got acquainted with the new members of the group, played a favorite hat, solved tricks with a box, beatboxed and sang songs.

Домики Бергена

Day 13 – Bergen – Odda

Today is the start of the second hike – to Troll’s Tongue, which we were unspeakably happy about, because we spent some time in the city. But since there were new participants among us, it was an acclimatization day. The bus dropped us off near the town of Odda, where we camped and went fishing!

Odda was a small town, located between two large beautiful lakes, we crossed it, perhaps, in half an hour, and then – along the roaring mountain river in search of a fish place) We caught even – nothing, but fun and beautiful spent the day! And in the evening were sitting around the campfire, a show/crocodile.

Переезд в Одду

Day 14 – Odda – Tyssedal – Trolltunga: 12km, climb – 1200m

Today is the first day of trekking around the beautiful Ringedalsvatnet lake. We took a cab to the beginning of the climb, got acquainted with the map of the route, put our backpacks on our shoulders and go. In the first 2 km we had to gain 950 meters of elevation – the hardest part, plus the dirt, which was mixed up before us that day by hundreds of tourists.

The route of today, the main goal of which is Troll’s Tongue, as you understand, is incredibly popular and is designed for people to get up easy, take pictures and come back the same day, which is actually happening in the vast majority of cases, so the flow of tourists, of course, is impressive.

The weather was warm, but cloudy and humid, and the area we walked through was all riddled with streams, creeks and tiny lakes.
We liked Ringedalsvatnet lake from the first sight – it is just impossibly blue in color and this light, smooth fringe around and steep mountains. Remembering that we will be hiking directly around the lake, I just anticipated that I will be admiring it constantly and continuously, but the tsheesh me)

Озеро Рингедалсваттен

We finally reached the tadadaadaadaadaaam Troll’s Tongue! And what do you think the first thing we saw? But when we went a little further, opened up a stunning view of Ringedalsvatnet, but he disappeared into the thick fog just 5 minutes later, as if someone erased the whole picture to us with an eraser. So we went to look for a parking spot in the hope that the fog would clear.

Everybody knows the obvious truth “where there are a lot of people, there is a lot of trash”, even in the Norwegian mountains proved to be true 🙁 This collective unconsciousness is so angry! By the way, we carried our garbage to campsites or towns, ran in the mountains for the accidentally flown out wrappers, even our guys who smoked put all cigarette butts into plastic bottles and carried them with them.

After the songs with the guitar and dinner we decided to go to the Tongue, despite the still thick fog, but there was no queue for the photos))))
When you can not see anything beyond twenty meters, it’s not even scary, although generally this protruding over the precipice rock did not look very reliable))) with those you know, cracks at the bottom))) When you sit on the edge and dangle your feet, all around is white-white and only leaning forward with a strong stream of wind, you realize that you are high above the ground.

Обязательное фото на Языке тролля

Day 15 – Trolltunga – Mosdalsbua

It was freezing at night and we didn’t want to get out of the tent in the morning, but we overcame ourselves and went to Trolltunga until it was foggy. And I tell you what, I do not remember exactly 7 or 8, but there was already a queue of 3 people! Without fog, of course, scarier and so exciting 🙂 a couple of pictures for the check mark and run to breakfast. It was a shame that the number of people and the weather did not allow us to enjoy the views and the charm of the place, but what can you do, popular places are like that.

Half a day we walked in a very thick fog and through the snow, the atmosphere was mysteriously mystical, we met a group of girls from England, I think, who got lost a couple of times. In general where we went, the routes were very well marked, but in such low visibility without electronic gps it is easy to get lost.

We passed by two large lakes and a hydroelectric power station, power lines kind of spoiled the overall picture and, frankly speaking, the awareness that our trip was coming to an end, made us sad.

The last night in the mountains was fantastic – on the shore of a beautiful lake. Many people decided to sleep in the cabin, but not us 😉 A few words about the cabin: it seemed to have a couple of rooms and a lot of food, snacks and other things, price and a magazine, and no one, that is, take a cookie, see how much it costs and put the money in the box, and write in the magazine – it seems, believe in humanity here 🙂

And today was the final Norwegian fishing, finally successful – 3 trout.

Утро в палатке

Day 16 – Mosdalsbua – Tyssedal – Odda – Bergen

The final day of the trip, everything as usual: take your things, have breakfast, exercise and go. We quickly descended before lunch, and my favorite lake Ringedalsvatnet finally emerged from the mountains. And then we saw the beginning of our way – a serpentine road, which from the side is not so steep and quite small, so that we suffered and suffered so much, I do not know 🙂

Drove to the already familiar us Odda, had lunch and waiting for the bus to Bergen scaring everybody and everything at the bus station game “Ninja” – is when all comers are in a circle and the first begins to attack the neighbor to the left in one move, and the neighbor must react in time to dodge, so he did not touch, and so around the circle, Valera us all killed and not just once – a real ninja 🙂

The bus again, again beautiful mountains, fjords, tunnels and rivers behind the window. By the way, our way went through a waterfall when we drove through it seemed that we were going to be washed away, but no, the water went somewhere under the highway. And then there are the tunnels! What tunnels in Norway!!! Long and every time you get out in a new place and such a “waaaaaay!”. And it also turned out that the bus doesn’t go to Bergen, but is designed to arrive at its final station just in time with the boat, so we were lucky enough to drive through the fjord once more – a very pleasant surprise!
Bergen was sad again and poured rain on us. In the evening there were farewells at the hostel again – the second hike flew by just lightning fast!

Последний взгляд на озеро Рингедалсватен

Day 17-18 – Bergen – Oslo – Copenhagen – Kiev

The next day and a half were just exceptional, the ones that are remembered for a long time 🙂

The day began with the fact that we could not pay by card for the hostel – the chip was completely broken, it was unpleasant, but not critical – we had a little cash for souvenirs and provisions. Finally we walked around Bergen, packed our backpacks, said goodbye to the guys and went to the train.

The way back was planned as follows: in Bergen we take the train at 16:00, which rushes us 7 hours on its beautiful roads in the town of Drammen, where we immediately change the train to the airport Torp, and hung out at the airport for 6 hours before departure, but something went wrong …
The weather turned bad – it was raining heavily, and it was hard to recognize the beautiful sights, sadness and melancholy came over us with great intensity, and after two hours we were in a town with a very melodious name Myrdal with a huge troll statue on the platform – it was worth being worried 🙂 But we did not immediately notice that somehow for a long time somehow stand, after about 20 minutes, the driver said that ahead in the tunnel of some trouble and that they will find out what’s there and how, they say do not worry, we will keep you informed. So we wait. In another half an hour, the driver says that we can not pass through the tunnel and that they are looking for an alternative route to Oslo. Well, we got a little nervous, opened the map to see where we were stuck and everything. Another hour later, they told us that now we have to take the train that will take us to Flom (it’s like the other side of the airport), and there will be a bus to Oslo (and to our Torp is still 120km).

Once in the train, and it was all “native” – creaking, wooden, slow, every five minutes, slow down, and when the next stop the driver offered to get out and look at the waterfall, we are generally outraged, saying what such stops – we actually have a plane!!! But I think okay, let’s go look, if this is the case)))) and then it comes to us that we go that same excursion Flom train, which could not get a week ago! Laughed of course, as my dreams come true))) mood lifted, despite the fact that, in theory, we are already late for the plane, go enjoy the really awesome views.

Паромная переправа

When we arrived in Flom, the whole train of people ran to the buses. Have you ever seen the Chinese in a panic – it’s not only disgusting, but also life-threatening, they do not control themselves, in their eyes animal fear, crowding, pile and listen to no one, and we had to fight with them for a place on the first bus – it was a real struggle, but we won))

By the way, all these buses-electric trains were engaged in service nsb – like our Ukrzaliznytsia – which representative apologized to us and assured us that usually their trains arrive on time 🙂 Already in the bus, we asked the driver for advice on how we could catch the plane, and he said it was unlikely we would be able to, but he would contact the nsb to help.

And so yes, we arrive in Oslo at 3-40, and there we are already greeted by nsb with a cab that rushes us to Thorp in a little over an hour, sometimes exceeding the speed, and we arrive at the airport to its opening :)))) first at the registration desk) is luck, I think) and for all-everything paid nsb – one cab alone cost them 4000 crowns – that’s 12000грн approx. In general, we have not yet dreamed of such a thing. Moreover, Valera, who rode later than us, forgot in the train his expensive SLR, so three days later, called the Norwegian service nsb, and they called him “yes, lies here at us such a camera, come and get it! Curtain.

Flying through Copenhagen, guys, what a cool airport there, especially the green recreation area – an artificial oasis of peace, quiet and relaxation, with singing birds and “lawns” and right in the middle of the airport, we slept there perfectly)

That’s all, it was an unforgettable 19 days of the northern summer 🙂
Thanks for the attention everyone :))))

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