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Everest...I have to meet you!

Author: Irina Kalinko
Teamleader: Volodymyr Vasylyshyn
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Yes, that was the dream I had since Irina Galai's ascent to the summit of Everest.

I just had to see him.…

5 years. For five years I just wanted to and didn’t do anything about it. Would you stop?

That’s it. Call to Kuluar.

—”I want Everest. I’m paying right away, so there’s no going back.”

It’s been a little over a year since Covid made his adjustments (if only I knew how he would play with us) and I’m flying to Kala Patar, to the Everest Baselago via the Gokyo Lakes.

Here. Time X.

Traditionally, I touch the plane as I walk down the stairs. Change planes in Sharjah. There are no girls at the airport besides me. Hmmm🤔 But come on. I endure hundreds of stares. One more plane. And here I take a step into a new country for me.

Sweet hot air. God, I’m so used to left-handed traffic. Cab. Hotel. Room. Without changing my clothes, I run to meet the group – those with whom I will live the next three weeks (month😆). I will make a separate post about them, because they are in the most💚

We have dinner, look around, spend the night in the hotel, which later becomes our second home, and in the morning, having put all our things in our lettuce bags, we leave for the most dangerous airport in the world. This is where our adventure begins. Taking pictures of everything on the way, feeding candy Nepali children, getting acquainted with the kukur (Nepali dog) and getting high from every step on the way to his dream. Ahead a long way, the highest mountains, laughter, difficulties, pain, crown, cozy sitting at the “k̶а̶м̶и̶н̶а̶” (reactor), talking with your feet to make another step, talking with your self to get out of a warm sleeping bag in the negative, a new feeling of lack of oxygen, the eternal change of layers(clothing), familiarity with the mountain sickness. Ahead is the overcoming of your earthly qualities, and of course … Everest.

Our beautiful group was led simply aaaaafignym man …

Vova Vasilishin!

It’s love “from the first guide”.

There are 15 of us, he is 1. And to whomever he has an approach. First of all, I love it when it’s fun and his sense of humor left me no chance to be sad. Secondly, he knows every peak and a lot of stories he tells along the way. The route through the lakes is incredibly colorful. Beautiful and varied.

And I would not be me if something does not come up.

So I thought of dancing with a view of Everest).

Especially for a couple of months I went to dance.

I learned a little choreography.

And every day of trekking I was carrying my dress and shoes in my backpack, asking Vova if it would be a beautiful place.)

If I were him, I would have killed myself), but no)

Vova is not like that)

He held on as patiently as possible).

Of course I danced in a few places. At Gokyo Ri and near Choladze.

By the way, a few words about Gokyo Ri.

That’s where I climbed my first 5k meters in my life. And it meant so much to me.

Our group split up and we went twice. Like us. Vova. First with one half and then the other half. And before that he went there on the radial exit. Up there. Escape. 😳😆

When I saw Everest, of course, I cried…this is it, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for five years. And it’s unbelievable. It’s been more than half a year since that moment, and I still get goosebumps when I remember it…

We descended and headed for the next 5k. Cho La Pass.

The snowiest place on the route.

Very beautiful. And now we remember it like it was not so hard. Yeah aha🤣

But passed and great!) Moreover, to go much easier if you’re going with oooooooo fun group).

And I was very lucky in this sense).

Ahead of the base camp, the summit of Kala Patar and the Himalayas filled with the crown… The guys start cheering one by one…

Vova calls for evacuation helicopters…

Three helicopters in three days((((((

Apparently, I was also already sick, but my fever was low and I blamed the weakness on overwork. But nothing to do with the virus.

So. May 11. 2021. Me and my three classmates make the last step on the summit of our route.)

Everest – as in the palm of my hand)


Feeling – super)

The temperature is -35.8)

We congratulate each other and go down).

The next couple of days traveling to Lukla will be in agony for me. Something is starting to happen to my legs.

One knee after another refuses to bend((((.

To help of course came Vova. And thanks a lot to him for this.

And anyway…

You know, when your temperature is over 40, you are freezing, hot and shaking at the same time, you do not have enough strength even to breathe, and you are leading your group down … yes, yes. That’s how Vova led us. (((((

Not stopping, not complaining, and sometimes even joking. A maximally strong man!

I admire that!

We reached/crawled to Lukla) the plane could only take us to Kathmandu two days later.

And so hello hot shower, warm outside and … now my 39.5))))

Positive 🤷🏻♀️

Lying down)

It’s been really bad.

But! And bad things pass at some point after all)

I saw Everest) at least 10 crowns put on me) I’m still happy)

I am writing a poem about our entire group. On the roof of the hotel I read it to everyone in rhyme) and it’s the verse that is still one of my favorites))))

Part of the group leaves on the first evacuation flight, we are left waiting for the negative test.

We get it in five days, have a farewell party and fly home)))oh how we fly))) flying)) 🤣🤣🤣🤣

But that’s another story)

Thanks to Vova for his attitude to us, to life and to the mountains.

For his professionalism, for his jokes, for his great care. For playing cards and for warm evenings with hundreds of interesting exciting stories!

And most importantly. Thank you, Vova, for showing me the world of the mountains. You showed me how it really is. It was in Nepal, and thanks to your attitude to them, that I began to appreciate more what I have. I rethought my attitude to many things. I rediscovered the meaning of happiness.

Thank you Kuluar for making dreams come true. For your guides (and how do you manage to find such super people🤔) and for the fact that you help me get air in my lungs) even when it is all less)))

So far in the piggy bank of hikes only two with you, but I plan to replenish. For if in the mountains, then only with you.

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