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The story of how Nepal changed my life

Author: Sergey Yanyuk, 42, Kiev, Ukraine
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Namaste, friends. The decision to go to the mountains in an unknown region with Kuluar was not subject to any doubts or the agony of choosing between many of the best. The acquaintance with the team of Kuluar took place earlier in our native and, as it seemed before, so familiar Carpathians. It was with Igor Kolotukha our real and more than successful rendezvous with Chernogsky ridge, after which the observation of the life of the Club of tourists Kuluar was already dense and thorough.

Nepal, the land of mystery, the land of fairy tales and descriptions of amazing adventures, immediately put a “must-have” stamp on the endless list of “most important dream in life.

The circumstances were such that it was my birthday I decided to coincide with this event and entrust it to Kuluar. The torment of choosing between the extensive route lines tortured me and my constant companion and friend in hiking in the mountains and not only, Alexei (not about him now) for a while. We decided to choose the most famous trek, the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek.

Молитвенные флажки Непала

We were able to get ready calmly, the previous preparations had an impact on us. All the more so, that we were informed of all the details and necessities by the trek manager Oksana, who could advise us about practical things which she herself had felt on this trek. The only inconvenience (of course, I’m picking on you, and not to reproach Kuluar) was the flight from Kiev to Kathmandu – long, painful. It was hard for us who are used to personal comfort. But, as they say, you can survive it, and the saying “you should, Vasya, you should” would have been appropriate 🙂

Пейзажи Непала

The density of interaction with the Kuluar guides had an impact right at the entrance to the airport building (let’s thank the creators of the Internet and separately the head of the airport, which has free wi-fi). Our guide Maxim Khomyakevich, who met every person arriving, described in great detail where to turn and where to “run” in order to go through all the procedures of visa registration and control. I would like to advise future participants not to get in line with the Chinese tourists, for some reason it takes a very long time for the inspector to clear visas for these citizens. Walking out of the terminal in the sunny, dusty and seemingly faded air of unfamiliar Kathmandu, one could immediately see this green and familiar Kuluar flag in the crowd of people meeting us. Maxim found a cab and we agreed that we would make our own way to the hotel, since Maxim had another group to meet.

Трек к базовому лагерю Аннапурны

I will not describe my impressions of the first acquaintance with this city, it envelops you and you feel that you are already a part of it. The second necessary test is the road to Pokhara. The main thing is to have a “karmic” driver, the rest is unimportant. Our group decided to call him Valera, which was another positive factor for such a tiresome and interesting trip. By the way, to find more or less comfortable bus for such trips is also an art which Kuluar successfully coped with, I think not without participation of our Nepalese guide Ganesha. On a separate note I would like to thank the organizers for the choice of Ganesh, a very simple, modest, understanding and obliging person. It was he and his team of porters who provided invisible and so important support during the whole trek.

Наша группа вместе с тремя гидами

I want to separately thank another important person, the Kuluar guide – Nikolai Kolosovsky (in my mind and out loud, I called him the Man-Man). This man, full of knowledge and life experience, brought one of the main red lines to the hike. His attitude, professionalism, sincerity, and thirst for beauty made it possible for all the participants to feel the magic of the mountains, and his assistant, the saxophone, made it possible for all of us to see new facets of perception of the world.

Also our main guide, an imperturbable cheery fellow and a joker, a man whose instructions and directions were discussed successfully and noisily by the whole team, but never questioned – Maxim Khomyakevich. Thank you, Max, for your experience, for the measured tempo you were setting on the track, for your personal assistant – ukulele (I know it’s wrong, but…), who was the ringleader and leader of all our gatherings.

Навесные мосты в Непале

By the way, with the person who founded the Couloir, we also had the opportunity to see and talk. Taras Pozdnii without exaggeration modest, good-natured cheerful, special respect to you, very sorry that to listen to your experiences and stories there was so little time, but we follow your adventures, so you know!

Вид на Мачапучаре из окна лоджии

And also thanks to all the participants of a happy coincidence or karma, our fellow hikers. It’s hard to imagine how luckily all our characters and attitudes toward the mountains coincided, but that’s exactly what happened. I think the gods of Nepal were directly involved in this event.

Прогулка по озере Фева

Further description of the whole track is possible only if you have talent (which your humble servant is deprived of). It is not possible to fully convey the feelings of the soul, the visual ecstasy and the like in this opus. Only one thing is possible, and I can affirm it, Nepal has changed my life. It is still difficult to describe how, but I know for a fact that these changes are irreversible.

Гималайские пейзажи

Thank you to the entire team of the Kuluar Club for all that you do, for what you certainly make it possible for absolutely anyone to become closer to the harmony of our planet and nature.

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