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Mykola Kolosovskyi

10 | Reviews: 2
Age 34
Held groups in Kuluar 46
Experience as a teamleader, years 13

Only those worthy of life and freedom who go to battle for them every day


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Teamleader Mykola Kolosovskyi reviews: 2
I know for sure that the next hike will be with Kuluar!
Author: Julia Lavrentieva
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Teamleader rating
It's a week since I returned from the trek to the Annapurna base camp, and I can already confidently recommend Kuluar to everyone who wants to go to the mountains. Guides Maksim Khomyakevich and Kolya Kolosovsky did everything possible to make this trek memorable for a long time with the most fun and positive moments😊 For two weeks the team becomes like a family, largely due to the attitude and attitude of the guides! So I can tell everyone who wants to go to the mountains, but is looking for/waiting for company or is afraid to go on your own, feel free to go yourself! You will meet like-minded people and make new friends! I'm already thinking about which hike will be next, but I know for sure that it will be with Kuluar!
Author: Sergey Yanyuk, 42
Overall rating
Teamleader rating
Namaste, friends. The decision to go to the mountains in an unknown region with Kuluar was not subject to any doubts or the agony of choosing between many of the best. The acquaintance with the team of Kuluar took place earlier in our native and, as it seemed before, so familiar Carpathians. It was with Igor Kolotuk...
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