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Equipment for the Lycian Trail Hike


An important part of any hike is choosing the right gear for the conditions of the trip. In hot and sunny conditions, the right clothing will allow you to wick moisture away from your body more effectively, be less sensitive to high temperatures and will better protect you from the active solar radiation. In wet and windy conditions, the right gear will keep you from getting wet, boiling in a “steam bath” and standing up to the wind. In cold and frosty conditions your clothing will keep you warm and make you feel at home.

Но как выбрать список вещей для похода? Действительно ли необходимо брать все и для всех возможных условий похода?

No. A large number of clothing and equipment for outdoors trekking are versatile, and allow them to be used in a wide variety of conditions. There are also a number of little tricks and tips that also allow you to save on the list of things, and take less.

Weather features on the Lycian Trail 

In general, when choosing equipment, we are guided by the weather and the format of our trip.

The first principle of gathering gear is to focus on the worst weather conditions in the region. “A polar explorer is not afraid of the heat.” But this does not mean that you need to take only a warm jacket, because it can be very cold. You need to understand what you will wear when it rains and winds, or on a chilly evening in the highlands. If you are able to give an answer to this – then everything is fine.

The second principle of the packing list is the “bulb” or “cabbage” principle. It is better to take two thin blouses and combine them than to take one warm.

The weather on the Lycian Peninsula in Turkey globally has two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

Precipitation season on the Lycian Trail

The precipitation season is winter. Temperatures can range from +15°C to +5°C near the sea and from +10°C to -5°C or lower in the mountains. At the same time, the probability of precipitation is high. Thunderstorms and storms are possible. But still they are not very frequent. In January and February there are usually only 30 days with precipitation (out of a total of 60). That is, there is a 50% chance of rain. Trekking at this time is possible, but you need to be prepared.

Precipitation, humidity, and plus winter temperatures create “spring” weather. Flowers bloom and greenery makes its way out of the ground. This process usually lasts until the month of May. Already in March, the amount of precipitation decreases. In April the tourist season starts, it gets warm and precipitation is possible but not frequent. The spring months are a great time for trekking on the Lycian Trail. Не жарко и не холодно. Ночи в горах могут быть прохладными. Temperatures range from +20°C to +30°C near the sea and from +20°C to +5°C in the mountains. The closer to summer, the more likely it is to be hot and the sea warm.

Dry season on the Lycian Trail 

The dry season can start as early as mid-May to early June. Summer is the season for individual tourists, but it is almost impossible to move along the trail. Temperatures can reach +40 ° C (and higher). Precipitation is possible only in the mountains and very rarely.

Fall is the end of the dry season. The closer to December, the higher the chance of rain. Already from the end of September you can go hiking. Temperatures can range from +30 … +20 ° C in September to +20 … +10 ° C in November during the day. In the mountains and at night temperatures can drop from +15 ° C to 0 ° C in late November. October and November is a great time to travel along the Lycian Trail. The warm sea and plenty of fruits and vegetables only contribute to it.

The format of the Lycian Trail hike

We offer several formats of hiking on the Lycian Trail: in huts and in tents.

For hiking with tents you will need to take more things with you, as evenings can get chilly and you won’t have a chance to warm up in the lodge. At night you will sleep in your tent and sleeping bag, which you also need to bring.

Hiking hut to hut is less like classic hiking. You need less stuff, because you’ll spend your evenings indoors and your nights in a bed with a blanket and an air conditioner with a heating function.

Clothing for the Lycian Trail 

A list of recommended clothing for the Lycian Trail hike:

Personal equipment for the Lycian Trail hike 

“The Great Four” (and mat =) ):

Accessories for hiking the Lycian Trail

List of required accessories:

And remember, if you have doubts or need advice on your equipment list, don’t be lazy to ask for advice. We are always happy to help and advise you;)

Presentation on the selection of equipment to warm countries: https://prezi.com/view/NGz8VEIp7Zs1k1nZYzYF/

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Author: Igor Kolotukha


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