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What to eat in Georgia? Peculiarities of Georgian cuisine - Part 2


this article, we will again explore the authentic, unique dishes that make a trip to Georgia worthwhile. This country leaves behind more than just visual and emotional memories. All kinds of sensations of smell and taste will long remain in your memory and will beckon you back again and again to spend a few pleasant evenings at the table full of food and drinks. Or maybe you would like to take a few lessons from the acknowledged masters of culinary magic? Georgia’s cuisine is very special and today we will continue to explore it.

What to eat in Georgia? Kubdari – pie with meat

In simple terms, Kubdari is a meat pie. And if – in love, it is juicy, full of spices and love. Kubdari comes from the mountainous region of Svaneti. And authentically it is made from the meat of wild goat, roe or bear. But it is unlikely that visiting guests or in a restaurant, you will be treated to such a delicacy. Most likely, you will be offered kubdari with pork or beef. But maybe you’ll get lucky? Look for it!

What makes it so tempting? Probably, it’s the hands soaked in mountain spirit and a pinch of Svan salt that make the miracle.
So, better go taste kubdari in its homeland, in the land of beautiful towers, surrounded by high ridges of the Caucasus mountains and proud people, which no one has ever been able to conquer.

Better yet, join us on our hikes in Svaneti! The fullest taste of food is discovered after a few days spent outdoors, in the mountains and with your favorite backpack behind your shoulders.

Грузинские кубдари

Lobiani – Georgian flatbread with beans

Lobiani is a flatbread with beans. Many places you can read that it is unimaginably spicy, but we have never come across such. It has a very mild, delicate taste. Sometimes, you even get the impression that it’s not beans but pears inside! Very tasty! A great option for vegetarian travelers.
True, they say that in the Racha region, they add lobiani with charcoal-smoked lard. So be careful!

There is also such a dish as lobio. It is the same beans, but not in dough, but baked in a pot.

For tasty lobiani you can go in the direction of Mtskheta. There’s a pretty famous self-service dining restaurant there. Most likely, there will be a dozen men at a table next to you. And in about 15 minutes you will enjoy their sincere, leaving no one indifferent, singing. But for this it is better to visit institutions in the evening.

Грузинское блюдо лобио

Pkhali – a dish for vegetarians

A very interesting, unusual, unique and delicious dish. It has an unchanging recipe, but with the possibility and necessity to vary the ingredients.
It can be made with vegetables, or herbs, or mushrooms, or even meat. The only constant is the walnut or walnut sauce.

Served as a snack or as a side dish to meat or fish dishes.

It is healthy, delicious, and in most cases, completely vegetarian, which saves in such a meat-eating Georgia.

Грузинские пхали

Georgian Soup – Kharcho

This name is probably known to everyone. Kharcho is a traditional Georgian soup, originally from the Mingreli region. It is made of pork or beef, with walnuts and sour plum sauce – tkemali. These three components make ordinary, simple soup not some incomprehensible soup, but kharcho.

Mchadi – flatbread made of corn flour

A wonderful corn flour flatbread. Very dry, as a bun on its own eating it will not be very pleasant. Mchadi is usually eaten with cheese, lobio, pkhali… with anything!
Mchadi is used everywhere and all the time, both at home and in all restaurants. It’s a good alternative to the classic Georgian bread – puri or choti.
And what is the difference between a choti and a puri? Actually, they don’t differ at all, only in their crispy and fragrant form. Puri is oval-long, while shoti is boat-shaped like ajaruli.

Read about what else is hidden in Georgian cuisine in our next article.

Author: Katya Manoilo


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