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Turkey Incognita. An unknown Turkey that few have seen

Author: Oleg Lavrega, 29, Kyiv, Ukraine
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Well, let's get started. A little introduction. This is not my first hike with Couloir, but just now I decided to share my impressions. I almost always plan my next hike during the current one, and so it was this time.

The desire to pass the Lykiyka birthed in the hike Borjava Fast and Lite, decreased the number of participants, but it still took place. Not the least role was played by communication with our guide Andrei Pilipyuk, or rather my questions and his answers to them. So. It was the 2nd day of the hike in Borjova, and I’m already registered for the hike in Turkey.

It all started with 6 sticks of sausage and 10 cans of stewed meat on the flight Borispol-Ankara-Antalya. Oh, and the backpack was heavy before the start.

In the morning after a two-day “acclimatization” in the chat room of the hike our guide dropped a photo with bags of groceries and other cans, letting us know that he is already there. We pulled up too. Our backpacks in the trunk, we got on the bus and headed to the start point.

Spoiler: it was one of the coolest 11 days of my life.

The first half of the hike was not easy. Food in backpacks for the entire hike ahead, high altitudes and long climbs.

This part still more or less resembled a classic hike in the mountains, which I had been to many times.

Each night, however, camped in a new, unlike the previous location. Bathing in icy water (rivers, springs, canyons after a day in the sun come on “hurrah”) in the parking place and every time a delicious dinner.

Each teamleader brings something different to the hike. And so it was this time. On the 4th day it was decided to go on an excursion to the cave near the ruined fortress. It was said that we would go up another way. Well, okay. A little excursion in the history, the story about the purpose of the cave, gecko – 1 pc. …and here we come to a narrow tunnel, which was part of our route. Well, there is no way back. Without thinking too much, we climb. It’s a case of minimal claustrophobia. A few meters on the belly, dirty clothes and pants (1 piece), got off our colleague, caught on a rock, and we are again standing firmly on our feet).

The equator of the route was the ascent of Tahtaly Mountain. But the closer to the day of ascent – the more disappointing the weather forecast was, namely the possibility of thunderstorms. But we believe that everything will be okay. Let’s go.

Tonight will be the coldest night in one of the most beautiful places on the route, running around the campfire with a burning stick and flashlights to take cool pictures with exposure and a big bottle of wine

It’s another morning again. Here we are getting ready to storm the top. Believing in good weather, having hidden our backpacks in the rinkaver just in case, and leaving them below, we started the ascent.

Views. The views are difficult to convey in words. Half an hour and a half of ascent and here we reached the long-awaited summit. The first snow. Chic panorama, the most expensive and delicious round in my life!

Warmed up and rested, we went down – and rushed. The forecast didn’t deceive and it started raining hard. At first we were just getting wet, and then we started getting sprinkled with pea-sized hail. Hail. In the afternoon it was about 30 degrees. It had never been like this before. Tell anyone – they won’t believe it.

The action began, namely the descent over the washed-out ground to get the backpacks and down to the overnight site in a downpour. It was pouring so hard that in spite of the raincoats all our clothes were wet.

But then our guide Andrey said: “Is it really raining? Yes, it sprinkled” … but it is another story).

So, the hard part of the hike was actually over, the rest is easier and more interesting.

Little by little we have got to a civilization and the first day of rest in a camping. This I will tell you – the orange paradise. There are so many trees that at first you’re like, “Oh, oranges, no way, how many, for free,” and then with the words, “Oh, shit, how many can?” You bang your head against them, getting out of the tent.

A suggestion came up to replace one of the hikes with a boat ride along the route. Not immediately, but everyone agreed.

What awaited us was a 5-hour swim through gorgeous bays that are only accessible from the sea, diving and swimming in open water. Swimming with sea turtles. I don’t like beach vacations and don’t really like the sea, but this is different. Crystal clear water and 2 piece air mattresses did the trick. As in my childhood.

I recommend it to everyone. After heavy trekking this is what the doctor prescribed.

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One day, after a story like: “How cool it was on the Tahtal, what an interesting climb and blah blah”, Andrew said that ahead there will be a “small” mountain, which you can climb at will, to practice climbing skills.

Another day, again a day of rest. Orange and pomegranate paradise again, even more. They say that the tastiest pomegranates are quietly plucked, we checked it out. And yes, it turns out, indeed, the most delicious. And then we double-checked.)

The next day will be an easy (no) walk to the lighthouse in the blazing sun. Photo shoot from the guide at the lighthouse and on it (climbed all the things you can not do for a photo). And what next? I’ve already written about the “small” slide, which we can go. So, after lunch, the three bravest (or just those who do not have blisters) take water, flashlights – and forward.

I have seen different mountains, grassy, with stones. But this is a tin of rock with razor-sharp rocks. At some moments you just feel like a climber on minimal, and like a mountain goat, the shaitan, that climbs the mountain at any angle from 91 degrees and more, climbing, pulling up and climbing. Somewhere in the middle of the climb I promised myself I would never climb again. But the sunset was coming up soon, so we had to hurry up. The ascent took about 2 hours.

Вершина. Ох, воно того варте. Відчуття від пройденого маршруту вражаючі. Знову фотосесія. А потім слова Андрія: «Ну все, тепер бігом валим нафіг звідси, бо темніє». Починається спуск, спочатку без, потім з ліхтарями. І от вже ти після магазину п’єш холодне пиво і пишаєшся собою, своїм маленьким подвигом і тим, що ти цілий))

Завтра буде перехід в Піратську бухту, останній кемпінг, вечеря та сніданок. А ще смачний кальян. Похід підходить до завершення. Але, як завжди, я  знаю, який буде наступний.

Дякую нашому гіду Андрію. З ним завжди є про що поговорити. На щастя, спільних інтересів вистачає)

Свій чувак). Ну і, звісно, дякую за хорошу компанію в поході. Сподіваюсь, ще побачимось.

Далі буде…

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