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Where people are not afraid to open their hearts

Author: Alyona Kraschina
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Somewhere high up in the mountains lurks a magic that opens hearts, freeing them from all the pressing questions of civilization, from worries and anxieties. Somewhere up there, far away from civilization, people are changing the course of things and thoughts, changing priorities, and experiencing feelings long forgotten, childhood feelings. Of love, friendship, unrestrained fun and joy. The joy of just being there, the joy of a sip of water, or the joy of being yourself, in spite of all the rules and templates, you can be alone with the world. A world with so many stars and seas and so much soul. A place where fire magically burns out of precipitous rocks, a place where people are above the clouds both physically and emotionally, a place where people are not afraid to open their hearts to let in all that is truly important. We enjoyed endless mountains and fluffy clouds that we literally touched with our hands. We watched the shooting stars, looked at the constellations and really couldn't find the Big Dipper because there are hundreds of times more stars in the mountains than in the cities. Waking up in the morning we washed our faces in the sea and sometimes we did Hatha, breathing in the mountain air at the foot of Tahtalı Dağları, the highest mountain (2365m) in Olympos Beydagları Park. We fell asleep under the orange trees on the coast in the town of Cirali, and on the coldest night of the trip we met the sunrise by the open-air campfire in Chukur Yayla at an altitude of 1600 m, in the ruins of ancient Olympos in Andrasan. We opened to each other deep secrets that will forever remain on #LikyaYolu #LicianWay I want to say thank you. Thank you #Kuluar #KuluarPohod for this experience. Andrzej Pylypiuk for not just being our guide and mentor, for being a friend on my very first day in Antalya. Thanks to Oksana Aktivna and Ludmila Lisun for the help and support in the organization. I want to thank my friends for what you were, are and will be, in my life and in our unturned memories.

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