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Such an impressive and rich Montenegro!

Author: Alina Kis, 36 , Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Teamleader: Dmytro Sandul
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Before the end of the summer I was tempted to go to Montenegro. I am generally a big tourist, but I have not been to the Dinaric Alps, so, without hesitation, signed up in the group, which was organized by the tourist club Kuluar. In addition, the leader of the group was my wonderful friend and colleague, it was a real pleasure to go with him.

During the preparation for the trip there were no problems, the manager of the club clearly and accurately solved all the issues about the flights and the group.

We took a charter flight from Kyiv to Tivat to Chornogoria. And because the flight was on the flight corridor we arrived two days earlier. Oh, how incredible this Montenegro, with a salty taste of the Adriatic and the smell of delicious seafood. And the mountains, mountains, mountains everywhere. After walking along the beaches and yacht bays of Tivat and Budva, at the appointed time we were at the bus station in Podgorica. Podgorica.

The group gathered quickly and organized. A short detour and we found ourselves in Zabljak. Here we settled in quiet rural cottages. And despite the late year, we could not resist and went to the Black Lake. Mighty massive hills of the Durmitor flooded with the evening sun, and the lake with the water of a cosmic shade, and the feeling of freedom. Great! And then a trip to the supermarket, a magical evening and evening get-togethers. It was fun.

We first went to Chervena Greda. The beauty and power of the local mountains is amazing. The route is not difficult, but the cool mountain weather did not allow us to enjoy the beautiful scenery and try to climb the mountain. The descent was quick and full of excitement and emotions.

The next day we climbed Savin Cook. Fortunately, there is a ropeway to the top. For 8 euros you can get there on a cart, which I did. What a fantastic view of the mountains, skeletons, seabirds, and strings of tourist stitches, which are in the middle of the mountains.

And for the completion of the highest peak of the national park Durmitor – Bobotiv Cook. Just imagine: massive skeletal relics of spectacular and invigorating shapes, and among them laid routes, equipped with metal ropes and cramps for the safe passage of tourists. Here you feel like a skeleton. This day was the most important, but worth it. The beginning of a high-grade panoramic road to the bottom of the mountain, and then the active way to the top of the ropes, strong descent and on completion of the cave icicle stalactites and stalagmites. And all against a background of simply unreal views.

We had three kids (9, 10, and 13 years old) in the group. They were all so cool, so vibrant, so energetic, so positive. I fell in love with them. And their parents too.

In general, Montenegro is very accessible in all respects. Economically cheap, language intelligible and lugubrious. Wherever you are, there are many interesting and fascinating places. The citizens of Montenegro are very friendly and welcoming. And it’s inspiring.

Apart from visiting the mountains, we also managed to take a ride on Europe’s best ropeway and visit the medieval city of Kotor, go shopping in the floods and climb the defensive wall to watch the sun set. And in the evening we were treated to a fun farewell party at one of those quiet cafes near the city square. Calamari and delicious wine. It was so soulful, and I didn’t want to go home. We said goodbye and couldn’t say goodbye.

And of course, all these feelings and emotions would not have been possible if it were not for the quality of work and professionalism of the tourist team of the club Kuluar. I appreciate all those who came to the organization of the trip to Chernogoria, it is thanks to you this tour seemed so harmonious and cool. But especially I thank Dmitry Sandul for his skills and vitality, for his experience and flair for the mountains, for his incredible knowledge and expertise. Thank you for the new bright and bombastic impressions.

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