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Six Days in Marmarosa

Author: Marianna Demchenko, Dnipro
Teamleader: Olha Vasanova
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This was my second trip. I must honestly confess that after my first experience, I thought there wouldn't be a second one. It was very hard for me the first time, but after a few months I caught myself thinking that I wanted more!

And so long thinking where and with whom I stopped my choice on Kuluar. The route I chose on the advice of the guide from the last hike. He said that it is amazing views and medium difficulty. So, the choice is made, the backpack is packed and on the way.

I went hiking on my own, since I couldn’t find any like-minded people among my friends, so I was a little worried about it. But it was in vain! I can tell those who, like me, go alone and worry that it is not necessary! In a group of like-minded people you will definitely find a friend, and not just one. In my case it all started with a meeting with my guide Olga Vasanova in the hostel. She immediately hugged me and so friendly said: “Hi!!! Let’s get acquainted! I arrived a day early and did not regret it, because it was time to have a rest from the road, to get acquainted with the guide and a few members of our group.

Шесть дней по Мармароса

  In the morning we all went together to the train station to meet the rest of the group. Despite our different ages (from 25 to 50) we somehow immediately found common ground and during the transfer we were chatting cheerfully, sharing our expectations and plans for the next hike.

  The first day we walked mostly through the woods along the river, gaining altitude smoothly. It was very hot, because of this it was a little hard to walk, but when we came to the parking place, set up camp and our guide cooked awesome borscht on the fire everyone forgot about all the troubles. We ate, drank tea and chatted till late. There was a warm evening of introductions, where each team member talked briefly about himself. The atmosphere was warm and relaxed.

Шесть дней по Мармароса

  On the second day there was a hike and a radial ascent to Berlibashka. We could not leave this wonderful place for a long time: we took photos, fooled around and just lay on the grass and looked into the distance. And in the evening we had dinner and the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen. We sat around the fire until night, listening to music, playing games and anticipating tomorrow’s climb to Pop Ivan Marmarosh…

 In the morning the sky hinted at possible rain, but we still decided to conquer our goal and hit the road. It rained on the way and lasted all day. It didn’t rain much, but we couldn’t see anything because of the fog. Of course, it upset everyone, but what can we do. The weather in the Carpathians is unpredictable. Wet and cold, but happy we arrived at the parking lot. At the shepherds’ stall we had a wonderful lentil soup, and then drank a lot of tea with sweets. Everyone felt warmer and happier, especially when we saw that the clouds were leaving and that tomorrow would be a clear day. It was a cold night. I really regretted that I didn’t have my down jacket and hat with me. Since then, I always put them with me.

Шесть дней по Мармароса

  The morning of the fourth day began with the drying of things. All the guys hung things wet from yesterday’s rain on the walls of the crib, the grass, tree branches. We called the photo “Carpathian second hand” )). The whole day we walked along the ridge enjoying the views, and the views were really on all four sides!

   The fifth day was pleasantly warm, we did a lot of walking in the woods and crossing fords. I wouldn’t say it was super pleasant, but it was clearly fun and something new. Our group had become great friends by this point and everyone helped each other out. In the woods the guys found some porcini mushrooms and made a real banosh with porcini mushrooms for dinner!   The last day is always a little sad. We passed a little, and we were moving back to Ivano-Frankovsk. On the way we were already sharing not our plans, but our impressions, reviewing photos and videos and planning new and new treks with Kuluar).

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