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Western Lycian Trail Hike - October 2021

Author: Uruzalin Nazar
Teamleader: Natalia Shelepyuk
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The most important thing in mountain hiking is to have fun. If I had heard this advice earlier, it would have caused me nothing but a sarcastic smile.

Or maybe a loud chuckle, as I can easily imagine a situation where it would be hard for a person to follow this life-loving wish.

Поход по Западной Ликийской тропе - октябрь 2021 - фото 1

Judge for yourself – a multi-day hike is a week or more in isolation from civilization, with all the charms in the form of:

  1. food, only what we carry,
  2. the floor of the house – soft and repeating the uneven terrain,
  3. Absence of retreat routes and logistical strings – nothing to bring and take away, the maximum autonomy of the group on the whole route.

And though each minus in other contexts can be turned into a plus, all the same logic is traced as follows:

There is no other choice – take the situation as it is.))

Поход по Западной Ликийской тропе - октябрь 2021 - фото 2

You must agree that you can only have fun if you don’t have a choice, if you know where, what, and how to get there. And for the beginner, it will always be a discovery of some kind.

On the Lycian Trail, the choice, more often than not, is there!

For example, the choice to eat in a cafe or in a field kitchen. It may be not a choice, but a pleasant addition, in the form of a glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and güzliame flatbread stuffed with cheese, meat and herbs. Or maybe you want to eat fried meatballs with rice and vegetables as a complete meal.

The price is 10-20 Turkish liras for a glass of juice and 80-120 for a dish. The opportunity to diversify your camping food is priceless.

Sleeping in a tent in a well-appointed camping, or in a bungalow or room with a bed. Again, the very availability of choices amazes me. So, those who are willing to spend 200-300 lire per room – the opportunity will present itself to you. I myself, in the presence of dry space in the tent, it is not so critical. But I can imagine those who, after reading this, put a fat check mark in front of the Lycian Trail.

And the thing that surprised me the most is the delivery of our backpacks.) Never, believe me, absolutely never – a dream to get rid of heavy backpacks never came true in the mountain hike. And although I still carried a load of some things and products for lunch, most of the cargo traveled with us from one camp to another. Isn’t that a miracle?

Поход по Западной Ликийской тропе - октябрь 2021 - фото 3

The price of the miracle is 200 lire.

Thanks to these options, I can say without a shadow of a smile that the main thing in a hike is to have fun! And with kuluarpohod.com, this pleasure is available with the best guides and the best organization. Natalia🧡.


Have you ever imagined seawater coming up to the foot of the mountains? I imagined it too, but it didn’t match up in any way with what I saw on this hike. The Lycian Trail is beautiful and unimaginable.

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