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Review of a hike through Montenegro in a huts

Author: Lishchuk Alexander, Zhitomir
Teamleader: Dmytro Sandul
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A week has passed since the end of my first hike with Kuluar. After this time, at home away from the mighty mountains of Durmitor, I realized what a journey I and my loved ones had managed to make on this hike.

But let’s start at the beginning, I, like many people who read the reviews have always been attracted by the extraordinary beauty of heights, whether it be our native Carpathians or flashed from the laptop screen peaks of Nepal.

One day my companion, my wife and I saw on the website Kuluar trekking “Through Montenegro on easy”, as my wife for the first time planned to exchange the Turkish beaches for something more active, trekking without heavy backpacks and accommodation in comfortable cabins, as nothing better suited our company. Also, let’s not score that Montenegro attracts tourists and beautiful beach holidays, which we have successfully used, arriving 3 days before the campaign and successfully swam on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.


Our hike began with a meeting in Tivat, where most of the group with a guide ordered a transfer to the starting point of our journey and accommodation Zabljak. Three hours in a comfortable car and we were at the doorstep of a cozy private house in which our group will stay for the next 4 days. On this day we had time to go on the first small excursion to the Black Lake, which is located near the village in the thick forests of Durmitor. After a photo session on the banks of the lake all participants were lucky to get to the lodge and over a hearty dinner we had a rite of introduction, which brought us together even closer as a well-coordinated group work in the mountains, even if not as high as it seems at first glance, is the key to success)


The second day was one of the most physically exhausting, the route is not difficult in terms of altitude, but 25 km in one day is quite a big blow on our unused feet, which seemed yesterday to run on a sunny beach of Budva. Beautiful scenery, clean air and the thought of a hot dinner gave us strength to complete this hard day.

The third began with breakfast, coffee cheered up my legs and mind. We set out on the forest trail to Mount Saven Cook. At the foot of the mountain there were a few cafes with summer terraces where we could gain strength before storming the summit. The mountain is not complicated, it is easily serpentine and for a well-prepared person the way to the mountain will take only an hour and a half. We chose an even easier option, an elevator that takes us almost to the very top of the mountain. At the top of the beautiful views of Mount Durmitor, which hold your breath. After a snack on the mountain we got home. The day was not difficult, but it should be before the assault on the highest point of our journey tomorrow.


The fourth and last day of our stay in Zabljak began earlier than usual, someone was checking his equipment, someone sent messages to relatives before the final trip, and I in turn ate an extra portion of macaroni and cheese, which I really liked. The foot of the mountain did not meet us cheerfully, a very strong wind made even the experienced guys hesitate, rocky landscapes stirred the blood in the veins. The pure glades of white snow at the end of July told us that this mountain would be the first test of strength for many of us. The exhausting ascent ended with a hundred meters up a rocky precipice with a railing where even the bravest of us were a little scared. And here it is the top of Bobotov Cook, making a few pictures and leaving a signature in the magazine on the top we went down successfully, where each of us breathed with relief that everything went smoothly. The last day began with a transfer to historic Kotor, on the way to which those who wished could ride a zip line near the bridge Djurdjevic. Kotor greeted us with warm sea, sunshine and delicious food. After spending the night in a hostel, we all exchanged contacts and with positive emotions, dispersed in different directions, but with the certainty that we will see each other on the mountain trails, in what we will certainly help Kuluar.

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