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Troll music

Author: Natalia Pugacheva, 46, Moscow, Russia
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"When you get to the top, keep climbing" is a phrase that stuck in my head years ago after reading Jack Kerouac's "The Drachma Tramp" ... How so? Where else? Thanks to the Trolls - they showed me the answers and took that "pain" out.

The road to the troll’s tongue is 15 km of rocks and water: lots and lots and lots of rocks and lots and lots of water!!!

I don’t know about the other mountains – but these ones sang! For a thousand different voices: streams, brooks and quite thin streams, and powerfully bass-waterfalls… I have never heard such a variety of murmuring before!!!

It’s a whole symphony of rocks, water, and your 100500 steps up.

…You hike and hike.

And after a while your feet catch the rhythm set by the rocks:

And in the background are the maracas of the rain…

This rhythm brings you into a light trance: you can hear your heart beating in unison with the rhythm of the road, you can hear water around you, you can feel tiny streams on your body (even wearing a moisture-wicking T-shirt and a breathable jacket) and face, you can see water running down your jacket and under your feet (the trail runs along a wide stream bed), you can jump over the stones, cross the stream – you won’t go around shallow puddles anymore – thanks to your good boots! – and, raising your eyes, you follow the rain upwards. And it seems that the road leads there – to heaven… and it’s easy to get to God… it’s easy to feel him at least for a few moments when you see the beauty around you and when you close your eyes and sink into silence and tranquility.

And there were a lot of rainbows on this hike-they appeared as soon as the sun peeked through the clouds and fog.

And lots of hands – they reached out to help me climb a rock, to straighten my backpack and poles, to give me blueberries, to give me a hug and say “you can” . I didn’t expect the trek to be so hard, especially the next day after the ascent – 20 km around the lake over the passes… After 11 hours under the backpack I had no strength even to eat… Only the caring hand of Jägermeister managed to bring me to my senses and helped me to put up the tent…

What else I want to say…

No photo can convey the atmosphere of climbing and the beauty of nature…

Words are powerless too – they are only as an “invitation card” to the Nord Way.

Thanks to the manager Oksana, guide Dmitry Priimachenko and in your person the entire Kuluar – it became possible with your participation and care!

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