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My 11 days on the east side of the Lycian Trail

Author: Marianna Demchenko, Dnipro, Ukraine
Teamleader: Olha Vasanova
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Despite the difficult time for travel, I still decided to go on a trip abroad. I chose this route because of my guide, Olya Vasanova. I had hiked the Marmaras with her before, and I was very impressed with her as a broad-minded person and a great professional.

Well, her borscht I will never forget)). So after all the organizational aspects, I bought tickets to Antalya and back and began to pack a backpack.

With the main part of the group and the guide we met at Borispol. It so happened that we flew on the same plane. In Antalya we arrived a day early, so we could relax a little from the flight and get acquainted with the new city. The next day we set off with the full group. And the journey was 11 days long!

Мои 11 дней на восточной части Ликийской тропы - фото 1

The first two days were very easy, we were already camping at lunchtime and walking the local sights, and there is a lot to see on the Lycian Trail! The first day was a canyon and lakes with water the color of turquoise. Despite the cool water, I enjoyed swimming there. On the second day, the “baths of youth” were waiting for us. A great place for swimming and colorful photos.That evening was a wild overnight stay, no camping, with a real big fire!

On the third day we climbed higher and higher to our goal – Tahtali. On the way we met a lot of turtles, drank orange juice, and camped near the ruins of an ancient fortress, which everyone could study, because the entrance was free.

The fourth day was difficult. There was a long ascent to the foot of Tahtala. Perhaps this and the next day was the most difficult of the entire hike. Compensation for our efforts was an overnight stay in a wonderful place. It looks like a stone bowl with fancy rocks everywhere.

Мои 11 дней на восточной части Ликийской тропы - фото 2

The fifth day was notable for the ascent to Takhtaly (2365m). The ascent was without backpacks, which cannot but rejoice. I wouldn’t say it was hard. The ascent was rather smooth. And then we had a lot of downhill… but the reward was camping in the evening with a real Turkish dinner. There was a lot of everything and delicious )

On the sixth day we continued our descent to the sea, walked past the Chimera lights, to which we promised to return at night, went to a fish restaurant for lunch, and in the evening we came to a camping on the seashore. Despite fatigue, all the guys went to say hello and soak their tired feet in the cool sea water.

The seventh day was wonderful. It was daytime! We did not go anywhere with our backpacks, we just walked around. This day we visited the ancient city of Olympos, with ancient ruins, streets and an amphitheater. After that we swam in the most beautiful bays, and in the evening we decided one more time to walk to the Chimera lights. Our guide Olga took the sticks and marshmallows that we roasted over these fancy rock lights and rejoiced like children!

The eighth day was as wonderful as the seventh – without the backpacking )) Our guide offered to meet the sunrise by the sea. I gladly agreed and did not regret it! The sun seemed to be born out of the sea waves! In the first rays we had fun, took pictures and were happy about the new day. And we had a lot to be happy about: we were going on a trip on the yacht. It was not just an hour trip, as we got used to. It was a half-day event! With lunch, and two snacks, with three stops for swimming and different coves. We sang songs with a guitar, sunbathed, and swam.

Мои 11 дней на восточной части Ликийской тропы - фото 3

On the ninth day there was another day trip. On this day we swam, and in the evening we went to see the lighthouse. From the lighthouse there were beautiful views of the sea and the mountains! After the walk we decided to make real Turkish lemonade!

In the morning of the tenth day, we had a big walk waiting for us. Fortunately, we sent a transfer for our backpacks and traveled the 18 km. We slept overnight at the campsite by the Pirate Bay. The place is stunningly beautiful!

On the departure day, we all went to the beach one more time to swim in the clear water and to jump from the rock. After lunch we had a transfer to Antalya. We were insanely lucky with the weather. It was very comfortable, +24, no rain. I got everything that I expected and even more. Now I want to go to Georgia with Kuluar))

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