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The best improvisation is prepared improvisation!

Author: Olga Moroziuk
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This year, like last year, we wanted to go hiking in Cyprus, but the lockdown did not let us. And there are a lot of holidays in May and we want to go to the beautiful and warm mountains.

We have already been to Likiyek (Eastern part), we know that it is beautiful, warm, mulberry tree, the sweetest orange fresh, turtles, which go somewhere near you with your hike;)

Lykiika is friendly locals, the coolness of ayran, the smell of flowers and pine needles.

Decided that hiking in Turkey is always a good idea!

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Bus travel and extra costs

Started choosing to match dates and ended up only having room for camping with overnight stays in hotels. Good idea, but more expensive than with tents. And also the cost of tests, insurance, taking into account active tourism, bus tickets x 2 because boarding is staggered and the price for two seats, and somewhere just a cab, because the lockdown. But Ira and Ludmila told us how to make everything run smoothly, and the local bus station admins were on hand to help us, even forgetting to take money. I had to find a driver and give him the payment))

We chose airfare without change, but to Antalya with a subsequent bus transfer to Fethiye (4 hours).

Here I will say don’t be afraid to take buses in Turkey. They have it well developed, even at lockdown for tourists no problem. Buy tickets online, there you can also see what side of the bus will be sunny and choose whether you want to sit next to a man or a woman!))

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Remember, when you fill out the Turkey Ministry of Health form, you need a “Hes code” from it. Save it on your phone, you will need it to buy tickets (tie it to your debit card).

The Nectar of Experience.

Bottom line, it’s great to be in a new place every day. More experiences, a break from reality and now we can recommend hotels on the coast of the Mugla region. Couloir has booked hotels for us every night. It is noticeable that for the most part these are the best hotels in the area with good rooms and amazing views. We did not want to move out of some of the rooms.

Separately want to note how lucky the group (or it is the skills of the guide and his “soft power”). All independent and responsible who for the day were not found the information where else you can go, slide, run down. For those who have a hard time we found a way to get a cab and send our backpacks by car to the next hotel. Those who were running forward set the pace, and those who were lagging behind created a situation for looking around and taking pictures. The jokes helped us walk and carry our backpacks up the hill. We had fun at the pool like kids.

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The beaches with azure water and coves framed by mountains are amazing.

We also saw the perfectly restored Romanesque town hall. We also saw the work of archaeologists in progress.

In front of us incredible Patara beach with dunes and crab holes, the Valley of Butterflies, the latter are not there, but the descent from the mountains on ropes is an adventure in itself (optional for those who had little activity during the day).

Lucky since April 30 it was already possible to swim.

Tips from the conclusions.

Sausage turned out to be a lot. It is better to take bacon.

Sneakers, boots must have a vibram sole, because on the trail a lot of loose soil.

At the Antalya Bus Station, on the 2nd floor you can eat in a cafe, especially relevant in the lockdown, when all the cafes are closed. The atmosphere is not for tourists, but tasty, inexpensive and tourists are rarely seen there, so very happy and “do not know where to put the dear guest.

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I would like to note the work of the guide. Kostya gave the group participants an opportunity to come to some conclusions and decisions on their own, which gives a sense of participation and involvement. At the right moments he was softly and imperceptibly persistent. Thus everyone received the desired load and volume of impressions.

Ehhh (with nostalgia in his voice, his eyes rolled up to the sky) … On the 6th day it occurred to me that I had not yet found myself. The whole hike was accompanied by a sense of unreality of what is happening.

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