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Lycian Trail. You'll come back from the mountains completely different!

Author: Julia Solyannik, 33, Kiev, Ukraine
Teamleader: Ihor Kolotukha
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Back to others! To others for themselves! An amazing journey to the mountains, to nature! Hear your true self! The power of nature reveals you, you look at yourself naked, your Soul, your body!!! I rejoice and accept myself! Awakening each day to a new place teaches you to look deep into this place, the energy of this Earth! I am Happy and Thankful for these opportunities!

The path I hiked showed me my Power, my Possibilities! The path leads to myself, to the true and present! In the moment here and now! Meeting suns and sunsets are a gift from above! Here and now I am Living, Breathing and Happy!

Climbing to the peaks makes you stronger, more enduring! Climbing Baba Dagh showed me that. Climbing to the top was probably the most unforgettable! You go and you are surrounded by the beauty of mountains, their Power! It was difficult at some points! But we did it!

The weather accompanied the whole way in the best way, the sun was shining and smiling!

Начало пути Ликийской тропы

Ah… that delicious Turkish tea! Turks make it unusually good! And what about the tortillas made in front of you in a few minutes!

The Valley of Butterflies delighted with its beauty! Yes, we did not see any butterflies… No, there were a few, of course! But then again, it’s fall and expecting butterflies at this time of year would be ridiculous! But for the beauty of the peak, the valley is worth going there! The friendly thorns greet your feet at the slightest opportunity!

On our journey accompanied us a dog, which, seeing our group, chose us instantly! And it wasn’t hard at all to carry food for her, it was even fun! You realize that at least one day of her life we gave her comfort and warmth, and the most important thing that is missing in this World, is care!

Горная собака

There is a wonderful place in Fethiye – the fish market! It is a delight! The choice of seafood is mesmerizing! And the best part is that the chosen item is cooked in a few minutes, and with a glass of white wine you enjoy delicious shrimp and fish grilled!

The field cuisine is perhaps the most exquisite) ah, those porridges! It’s love! The delicious hodgepodge and borscht cooked over the fire are forever in my heart!

Ruins, ah, how beautiful they are! Imbued with different energies! One comes to realize how great it is that we live in this era! Enjoying ourselves, traveling and enjoying life! And in this, of course, companies like Kuluar help us!

I thank with every cell of my body for amazing 10 days of my Life! For the mountains, for the cleanest air, for the Mediterranean Sea! For seeing the beauty of our Earth! And Amazing, Wisest turtles that accompany all the way and greet me coming out of their hut! It’s just a Wonder!

With Gratitude for this Trail Kuluar along the Western Lycian Trail! For this unforgettable trip, and of course to the club guide, Igor. And also special thanks for the gifts from the company! Diploma of Tourist now hangs on the place of honor, and Baff with the logo with great joy I will wear with the best memories!

The decision to go with Kuluar was made a week before the hike! My plans have never changed so quickly! Thanks a lot for the prompt help in buying tickets Oksana! Super organization. All very clear and fast!

Love you Life! You are Amazing!

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