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Lycian Trail 2020

Author: Denis Kolesnichenko, 44, Kiev, Ukraine
Teamleader: Oleksandr Pavlov
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One warm October day
We decided to walk the Lycian Way.
We wanted to go into the high mountains,
And then dive into the sea.

Antalya greeted us with wonderful weather,
And in the breeze we met the sunset,
And the mountains beyond the sea above the sky
And the mountains above the sky beckoned to us what they wanted to see.

And the day came – the group gathered together,
To Geynyuk by bus our way lay,
On the beach a little bit all bathed,
And five kilometers of the site was waiting for us.

In the canyon we swam in wetsuits,
Camp was pitched for the first night,
And the starry sky without a lot of noise
We were conquered from the first night forever.

And in the morning the route was as we never expected.
And in the morning we went the route as we’d never expected, – We felt the weight in our rucksack,
And the day flew by – and fatigue was lifted,
In the evening we bathed in the mountain river.

In the morning we were climbing again,
And now we were about to pass the twenty-point mark,
And a wonderful pomegranate juice at the halt
And a wonderful pomegranate juice in the halt gave strength to reach the fortress.

A little since morning we studied it,
But above it was time for us to go,
Almost a kilometer high we gained,
So that in the evening we could all conquer the yaila

And though it was cold at night in the area,
The fire we made warmed us all,
And a quarter of a centenary of the family of two spouses
Until the night all our team celebrated.

But further on to the heights our route strove,
And we conquered the Tahtali that day,
And the three swift-footed messengers were on their way,
So that in Bejchik we could all take a place.

My batteries are all dead,
But Beycheek’s got a power outlet for us,
♪ And the view was beautiful and the dinner was plentiful ♪
We were able to replenish our strength.

And then to Cirali we went down from above,
And we saw the strange chimera lights,
And we saw the lights of the Chimera, and the lights of the Chimera.
And then we went down from Chiraly from above, And saw the wondrous Chimera lights all around.

In Chiraly by the sea we rested in the afternoon,
And Olympos struck us all with its beauty,
And then up we went, all together, Up we went,
And we went up sharply, and then we wended our way.

And a new day was waiting for us in Adrasan,
And a little rain found us there,
By the sea we met the sunrise
And every man rejoiced in his soul at that moment.

In the morning we all sailed for the pirate’s cove,
To the pirate’s cove we had been taken to,
♪ We were in a place of wonder ♪
And then we found ourselves in a wonderful place.

And again the road to Antalya lay.
There was dinner with a sunset and a view of the sea,
♪ We’ve seen a lot of places ♪
The places that we didn’t want to leave.

The words of gratitude flowing river
Instructor Sasha for this wonderful trip,
For the fact that all the guys are a friendly family
Passed the entire route without sorrow and hardship.

The Lycian route with a backpack – it’s power,
Even though this trail is not exactly a sidewalk 🙂 🙂 But to our hearts it has become everything.
But to our hearts it has become sweet to all of us.
Thank you for everything, dear Kuluar!

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