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How to prepare for your first trek in Nepal

Author: Ksenia Nikonorova, 31, Kiev, Ukraine
Teamleader: Sergii Novikov
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Before I decided on this trip, I read a lot of similar reviews on the Internet, and now I decided to add my own, maybe it will also help someone to get together and go to the top of the world.

So, I decided to go hiking, because I was attracted to the mountains by some unknown force. Hiking experience I had absolutely no, beyond a couple of kilometers from civilization I have not departed, plus I have a back injury and I absolutely did not understand what I signed up for. But first things first.

Stuff. To pack a bag of equipment was not difficult, as well as on the website Kuluar painted in detail that you need and how much, the rest you can read on the Internet. I will not go into details, I can only say that the membrane pants are not needed, limit yourself to a good thermal underwear, if possible, two sets, one to sleep in, the other to go, well, the higher into the mountains, the colder and warmer option will be very appropriate. Pay special attention to special socks and shoes.

Прекрасные Гималаи

Food: A lot of people wrote that food in Nepal is a disaster and you will always be hungry. Maybe because we had an experienced guide and he took us to proven places, but the food was very diverse and delicious, no one had any problems. Of course, no one cancelled the tasty treats in the form of nuts and sunflower seeds and the most delicious victory chocolate at an altitude of 4130. Although they write everywhere that it is necessary to take sweets for local children, we gave them out only on the last day in the mountains. Those who carry their own stuff should be prepared to have to carry it all the way, although it may be different on other trails.

Обед на треке

Body. I’ll tell you right away, you don’t have to train, but it’s desirable. You just will be easier, but if someone says that it is unbearable, do not believe me. Any healthy person who can walk, can walk this route, yes, there are a lot of steps, but climb the climb is feasible for everyone. Even for me, and I half of the route was in a hard corset, it was more than easy. The main thing is to believe in yourself and your goal.

Head. Stay positive and the mountains will do their job.

Special thanks to the Kuluar team for quality service and support.

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