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I want to share feelings

Author: Olga Kunitskaya, 55, Ukraine, Bila Tserkva
Teamleader: Taras Pozdnii
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And now I'm home, in Ukraine. The abundance and freshness of greenery, riotous and blooming nature pleases me. On the soul - a pleasant calmness, peace from immersion in the usual business and usual worries.

But! At first, when you return home, you have mixed feelings: joy to be back home and regret that the hike ended so quickly. There is a desire to wander at least a little more on the tourist trail, to live a different life, other emotions.

I want to write not about the route – I will only say – it is interesting and accessible to all who care about their physical form.

I want to share with you the feelings that I experienced on the way. The main thing that I felt (I’m 55 years old, working as a psychologist) – this is a huge rest for a psyche. The psyche is “reset” – gone anxiety, worry, the need to do many things at once and dissatisfaction that something did not have time. They are replaced by new impressions, images, a sense of delight at what you see, self-satisfaction.

на привале

You can sit quietly in the evening, with the full moon, admiring the starry sky; leisurely lean against a tree, listen to the rustling of the leaves; be planted by a light breeze. And how much joy and refreshment the water of the mountain rivers brings! We enjoyed dipping into their waters wherever we could!

на тропе

Anya said that the sycamore tree helped her a lot to get rid of her back pain – she pressed her back against it, stood there for 20 minutes – and the pain went away. The water helped me a lot, it relieved my fatigue. In real life we don’t walk 10-15 km every day. I was tired, my legs were “humming” – the water relieved that. And I realized that such physical exertion is a rest for the body! A break from passivity. And they are necessary.

On the Lycian Way I could not stop marveling at the strength and will of man: I imagined a bygone time, a slow moving merchant caravan – it was very hard for them! I liked walking along the river bed – I had to cross small fords, climb up on stones.

в каньоне

The sycamores were mesmerizing, especially the largest one. It spread freely and widely, its branches stretched for many meters. I had a feeling that everything in the world was good and peaceful, be like me, and I was in my place.


If you believe it, we touched eternity – walked around the 2,500-year-old sycamore tree, next to it – a ruined Genoese fortress, which we walked around.

The cedar valley in front of the mountain Tahtali-Dag very luxurious. There would stop to live at least a week, to absorb all the beauty, joy, slowness of being, wisdom, mountains…

кедры Тахтали

But time! In the morning we went further, climbed Tahtali (2635m). A lot of snow and sun. We were very good! We climbed well, we treated ourselves with a glass of wine on the top.

в снегах

The Mediterranean Sea evokes the usual, familiar feelings.


I was struck by the city of Olympos, or rather its ruins. Oksana said she saw a snake on the trail there. I’ve never seen snakes, spiders or scorpions. Once in the fall, I saw three snakes in my forest – basking in the sun. Sometimes I’ve seen them in the Crimea and Carpathians, but not in Turkey.


On the trail we meet a lot of people, at first it even seemed to me that we are not in Turkey, but in the Crimea in May. There are a lot of groups from Ukraine and Russia. The local population is very friendly and helpful. All people are disposed to each other and are ready to help – it is very great!

There was also unearthly Cappadocia. Amazement did not leave me for a moment there – what nature can do! Wandering, climbing the local valleys and rocks is amazing!


I marveled at what people were capable of when they explored the underground city of Derinkuyu and the cave monastery of Selime.


As a result, I was convinced once again that we can know ourselves, to manifest, to feel our power only by overcoming obstacles, by interacting with nature.

на тропе

And how often we have to overcome mental lethargy, apathy, habit of sedentariness, fear of the unknown – and believe me, whoever copes with this will receive a worthy reward! After all, the destiny of man is through knowledge of the world to know himself and to develop his soul, to bring goodness and love into the world.

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