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There is the summit of Everest! Sergei's first emotions after the summit 01/06/2021

Author: Sergey Belov, Riga, Latvia
Teamleader: Mykyta Balabanov
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It took me 5:36 to get to the fourth camp... I saw Denisenko putting down mittens on my feet for some reason, my feet were starting to freeze too. In two hours my feet were freezing and starting to ache. And this is still in the tent, and then what will happen? So we started rubbing, using hot-water bottles. My fingers were numb, but they were fine. I feel they hurt, but they'll be fine for a week or two. The climb itself is very steep. It's up and up all the time. And with the Mexican it's another story. There was a hell of a wind, we looked up and there was a hole. We jumped into the hole to get away from the wind. And there's our Mexican. And they came out here at 2:00 in the morning and what to do? They don't want to climb to the top in the dark. So they sit and wait for an hour until it's light. But he was so happy, we were on the summit together. Today he said, that he would have a party here, like always)) The sunrise was alegenic! When I got to the top, we were the first 5-6 people that day, it was around 6 am. Everything was perfect! The wind was strong, of course, but the mountains and the views were amazing! There was no fog, you could see everything. There was only frost and wind. Thought it would be warmer. The zipper of my jacket was completely covered by a layer of ice from the condensation. But all in all it was ok, tired, but within the norm. We went down quickly! Emotions were more when we approached, when it became clear that we would make it. And on the top there was more bustle. Everybody let's take pictures, Sergey took out a fan of flags. How not to forget something! A photo there, a video there, wishes to somebody there. I expected, that it will be easier. It was a very steep route. All the time I asked Sherpa - this is the top? Does not say, further. Nima is my good-looking man, he only smokes, but so well done. We walked at the same pace, rested together.

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