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By supporting. 2x Mavic 3 Fly more combo to the front line


Let us share with you a story of total support and a whole series of cases that can be described as a “miracle. After all, miracles do happen, thanks to ordinary extraordinary people.


At first Zlata Ognevich said that she would donate to Kuluar Help some of the money raised during the Light Charity Tour. I wasn’t just happy, because there are always plenty of unmet needs. And with fundraisers, it’s more complicated.

At the end of the tour, Zlata transferred 100,000 UAH, which is an amount I did not even count on this time. It was not the first time Zlata helped us (and not only us), my sincere gratitude for your activity and position!
The sum was to cover two needs: to 80 000 for repair of cars for Alex Hooch (scouts of artillery battalion in the Donetsk direction) and the rest (plus report) – to medics, who work with the heavy wounded.

Kira Rodkina transferred 50k to start the repair, and two days later she writes that the car was repaired absolutely free (they didn’t even charge for parts) and gives me the money back.
The medics this time needed urinalyses and tracheostomies. For help in finding them, I turned to my friend Aleksey Vinogradov, who, without thinking twice, not only found them, but also gave me 500 free bottles and 100 tracheostomes.

So what does this have to do with drones? The point is that the budget is intact and it’s the drones’ turn.
The normal price for a Mavic 3 combo is more than 100k. Foundation #saveukraine2022 represented by Michael Petrov ordered sleeping bags from us (so we met) and Michael said that he has 2 drones with the right firmware.
If on the front line, they are willing to cover part of the cost themselves and give it away for 50,000 a piece.
This is another miracle for us, because we never even dreamed of such a present.
The first drone went to the same Alex Hooch, who now successfully and tirelessly coordinates virtually everything in his sector – from tanks and artillery to planes and helicopters.

The second was Pavel Pomysov-Nesmyeyanov to a mortar unit in the Kharkiv direction. On 22.10 their mortar team was hit by a rocket. The team was killed. Sasha Demchenko (Dema), Igor Puzanovsky (Ali Baba), Sergey Kovalchuk (Monk), Sasha Feshin… eternal glory to the heroes and condolences to the relatives… Pasha survived, the drone too. Although writing about the drone when his fellows perished… the only hope is that it will still keep our people alive and help us to avenge each of them.

As a result, Zlata started this stretch of the road of support, everyone else supported and we have:

This is an incredible result, thank you to everyone involved. It’s a real heartfelt endorsement. It would be cool if even after the victory we could retain at least a part of this skill, which is shown now.
And the biggest thanks to those for whom we do it, who risk their lives every day so that we can live in a free Ukraine!
And may our missiles always be the first to arrive, so that nothing will fly from the russians anymore…

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