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Bunnies on the Lycian Way or a Happy Little Bit of Autumn Summer)

Author: Oleksandra Glukha, 32, Dnipro
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That's the end of our Lycian Trail hike. Too bad... The emotions that we were showered with during the 11 days of not always easy hiking, are overpowering.

Teamleaders – Andriy Pilipyuk, Igor Zelenchuk – great heroes, masters of their craft; the group – cheerful, humorous, all on the same track; the route – extremely nice – nature knows how to amaze you with its creativity.

During the trip we were always accompanied by nice weather, but the night before we hike to the Tahtalidag Mountain we were “three times” refreshed by the rain. And here we finally found the answer to the question, which arisen more or less everyone: “Why do we need warm clothes? On the mountain is really strong cold wind, you feel like a bird, which through a strong gust of wind and rain rushes uphill and reaches its goal – the Tahtali Mountain is done. Despite all the weather woes, we – girls, nothing prevented pulling on the dresses and take pictures. It was unreal cool!

The route through Geyniuk Canyon was no less exciting. Here we saw some of nature’s wonders. We walked in the vicinity of the stones, through the village gullies, on the stones, and from below there was a mirror-like clear cold water…

I was very impressed by the caves and grottoes … there were a lot of them on the route. Teamleaders tried to show us all the invisible to the average human eye cavities in the cliffs.

The trip along the Lycian Trail is remembered by the night on the seashore in Geyniuk, camping in the middle of the orange orchard and bays in Chirali, pomegranates in Adrasani, the warm and clear Mediterranean Sea, the nightly voyage to persimmons, clementines, grapefruit, pomegranates))))

The hike has lived up to all expectations, even more) great credit for this to the guides – Andriy Pilipyuk and Igor Zelenchuk – always cheerful, with an excellent sense of humor, supported us, helped us when necessary. Also Oksana Markina great job, thanks to her, we passed the entire route of the Lycian Way.

I would like to mention separately the meals during the trip – you won’t lose weight after the trip, don’t dream, you won’t see)))) Under the leadership of our chef Andriy Pilipyuk we cooked every day different dishes (porridge, soup, borscht, delicious pasta, even eggs of 48 eggs))). All was well well worth it! We drank fragrant tea, the so-called “Turkish Autumn Soup” – the author’s tea Andriy. Some snacks (biscuits, chocolate paste, halva, waffles) and dried fruits with nuts for snack was enough for everyone.

The 11 days of the trip flew by very quickly.

Every day was absolutely different – new landscapes, new skeletons, new challenges, new feelings, emotions… New ideas, dreams, which must be fulfilled.

I am convinced more than once – dreams have a property to come true) and Kuluar is a good assistant in this!

P.S. After the hike, some participants remained in Antalya for 2-3 days. Good decision. Spent time cheerfully, cognitively and very actively.

See you in 2020)

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