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Author: Victoria Ivanchuk, 31, Kiev, Ukraine
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Victoria, 31 years old, zero trekking experience. The decision to go trekking in Nepal came about a year ago.

When the opportunity presented itself, I immediately started looking for a suitable tour and found Kouloir. Infinitely happy that I took the tour at Kuluar. The guys are great guys and professionals. They competently and clearly advised me, helped me choose the tickets and outfit.

About the trek … I was expecting something like that, a complete reset, emotional rest, new vivid impressions. But this…

When you get to Nepal, you forget everything. It’s an incredible place. Magical people. The most beautiful nature. Another world!

The trek is difficult for those who go for the first time, as well as for those who are mentally or physically unprepared. It was physically difficult for me the first day. But not once did I think that I made a mistake, or underestimated my strength, or that this was the wrong place. I was mentally ready for anything ?

Difficult first day, difficult day of the radial to Poon Hill (because of the early rise), but it is worth it for sure.

Also the climb to ABC itself is an early climb, a lot of walking all day. But, as you go, reducing the altitude gets easier.

The altitude itself does not feel much, only the step is more difficult – you walk, rest a little, walk again.

The hot springs in Jinu Danda were nice. But there is a big minus – after them quite steep climbing the stairs about half an hour. By the time you get to the top – you forget that you’re lounging in warm water.

The food along the whole route is delicious, but different. You can easily get poisoned by Dalbat. But this is mostly from the fact that we are not used to the food.

There is wifi everywhere, which was a pleasant surprise! I liked the overnight stay in Chomrong the most. The loggia, the facilities, and the views are all great!

A lot depends on the group. If there are people in the group who are not morally ready, they can spoil the impression and mood. We were lucky with the leader of the group – she skillfully smoothed out all the awkward moments, growing conflicts, helped in everything and worked with the soul on all the 150%?

I was also lucky to meet a like-minded person in the band, so “on board” my man, that the track was not digging in myself, my problems and worries, but bursting my stomach with laughter, in adventures and incredibly spiritual.

The people in Nepal are worthy of a separate review. Open, simple, sincere, kind, “their own” – that’s all about them. Throughout the trip we met so many locals, so many people from different parts of the planet. All became “our own” in the end, little doors to new worlds – it’s all about them.

This trip, if not changed my life so far, it definitely changed the way I feel about it.

It is worth going to Nepal! If you are not ready mentally, physically, financially – prepare yourself and go! This is a colossal, incredible experience that you will remember for a lifetime, will make adjustments in your thinking.

And you will definitely want to come back!

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