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The Lician Way - is a piece of paradise on our planet!

Author: Lyudmyla Lysun, 30, Bila Tserkva, Ukraine
Teamleader: Ihor Kolotukha
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After the hike in Svaneti, I realized that I wanted to go to the mountains again, get a new dose of adrenaline and meet new people. Also in the spring I decided that my next trip will be along the popular Lika Highway. I also wanted to get to know the country of Turkey from a different perspective.

I first learned about the route from my friends. Then I found a lot of interesting information on the Internet and decided that I would stay here. And now, when I write this review at home on the handy sofa, I once again believe that my choice was the right one.

My problems began at home – I have two school-age children who needed to be left with someone for the period of my absence. With this quickly resolved.

And when all the issues are already owned, at work took a leave of absence, X day came. Flight was planned from Zhulian. On the way to the airport I kept thinking whether I had forgotten anything. Typically, this does not happen to me. And here I felt terrible. And not for myself. But for my family – how they will cope without me. Now, after the trip, I realize that all my doubts were miserable.

I did not fly by myself, but with one more woman, so we did not feel bored. After getting acquainted we immediately found a lot of topics for discussion.

Definitely, the flight in the air over the area where there are mountains and the sea – fantastic. From the luminaire you could watch the sunny skyline over the mountain ranges, and the view is very nice. At the airport in Antalya another one of the participants joined us, and we took the bus to the bus station. There we met others, and all together we went to the start of our fitness. When you have experience in a Turkish hotel with the All inclusive service, you begin to compare it to this format of stay. And, as it turns out, a lot more interesting you can see and learn only in the case when you yourself travel the country, go to local settlements, talk to local residents, etc.

Похід по Туреччині

On the first day of our trip we were in for a pleasant surprise from our boss – as soon as we arrived we went for a swim to the warm, clear and fresh sea… A piece of paradise on our planet. After we had a snack and checked our health from overflight, we put on our backpacks and headed for our first overnight stay. Weather at this time really pleased. The weather was warm, not so scorching, and the surrounding scenery was nice. You can go and enjoy yourself. It is hard to believe that it is already autumn and cold at this hour at home. And only two years of flight. Such contrasts…

Also we were waiting for the canyoning. The nature, I certainly will not forget! Frankly speaking, I am afraid of underwater adventures, when you have to wear special gear, appropriate clothing. Here, overcoming my fears, I decided to try. And it was a good decision. When you walk through the canyon, and over you hanging skeletons, even the spirit of the experience. The only problem is that the camera was not available for underwater photography. I advise all who will be in these parts, to try this kind of rozvag.

In the evening, all the reconnected, told everyone about themselves, received wonderful gifts and went to rest in the nets. The heat too. Really, if you are tired of the grimness of everyday life, and a small sofa does not please you as before, it is time to go on a campaign and spend the night in the levees. I was really lucky with this. As well as with the company, with which I lived in the nets. Completely disconnected from all sorts of problems, frustrations, turbulence!

Day 2. Today we are going to gain 1 km uphill. For some reason it was scary. Although we had a great company, they all supported each other with gusto and interesting stories. In the first day of the tour always triple adaptation – to the new climate, to new people, and, of course, to the backpack on his shoulders in 15 kg. I did not have a hard time. On the contrary, I went and took pleasure from everything I had seen! I especially enjoyed the afternoon session. After a snack we decided to sleep a little, and the chief fell asleep, and the whole group together with him also had a three-night nap. This was a hike in the mountains? Are you sure?

Сукня в поході

Day 3. I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch. I felt bad about myself. It was either adaptation to the new climate or something else. More or less normally perceived everything that was happening in the neighborhood, could only close to lunch.

The first pomegranate orchard. The view would seem banal, but certainly not for us. Because we are used to seeing only apple orchards of this size. And here so many pomegranates. And all reached! I thought I would pick them and enjoy the fruit. But we are intelligent and educated, we understand that it is so unhealthy and not worth doing. But why? Only a couple of weeks later we reached the cafeteria, where we ordered some delicious food. For our meal we were treated to a large bag of pomegranates and grapes. For free!

One thing is buying pomegranates at our stores and markets, but another when you can eat them right from the tree. From this day our, I would say, gluttony for pomegranates began.

Гранатовий рай

Day 4. Once again our backpacks drove by car to the place of overnight stay. Perhaps we are a group of linivtsy, who did not come on the campaign, but on the beach to lie down. Well, it’s even better!

Along the way we found a local outdoor area with handy couches. Such a pleasure to remove the clothes in such a rush and give the feet to rest! And though we went not so much, and not with backpacks, but all the same so nice not to sit on the rocks or the ground, and on those handy sofas. As it turned out then, this is not the first and not the last couch just the middle of the forest. It is accepted to take out old furniture is not on the site, and to the forest just the sky, where tourists will be able to use it for its intended purpose.

Particularly favorite place of our actual overnight stay – Chukur-Yayla. The glade, which is near the power of small skeletons of marvelous shape, a variety of trees, cedars, and more bagatsko….kiz, corns and other wildlife. So, here, at an altitude of more than 1600 meters above sea level, local shepherds live and keep great households.

Чукур Яйла

Day 5. Going to the Tahtali-Dag Mountain.

Definitely, this day is one of the most exciting! It was cool that we rode up gladly, taking care of our backpacks in the bushes. The weather was not very favorable, so the very top we climbed under strong wind and drizzling rain. At the very top I tried to pull up a cloth and take a couple of superb photos.

We also went down from the mountain quite tsikavto. We were greeted by motorcyclists. The day started daily races motorcyclists from all over the world, who started their path practically from the bottom and wanted to get out on the mountain as fast as possible! And on motorcycles! Of course, watching this all is very interesting!

We got to the backpacks hard, wet, but happy.

We spent a night in Beychikou, in one of the campsites, with a view of the mountains and the local mosque.

Day 6.

We were awakened by the screams…of the mountains and prayers from the mosque.

Quickly we prepared a snack and gathered and drove away.

Another tried the delicious yagodi on our path. And then they turned out to be insipid and hot. At least they looked so good. They were standard olives, but not ripe and therefore not juicy. And again I fell for their external privateness … My advice to all – do not eat unknown berries … no matter how good they would be.

Lots of cacti, exotic bush and uncivilized plants we saw on the way. And also pomegranate orchards, fig trees, and even our familiar Greek hills.

I wish I could have taken a picture of a huge purple lizard. It was the first time I had seen such a creature! We also had a big turtle, which just went about its business!

Турецька черепаха

Day 7. Relax.

Today we were able to see one of the natural wonders – the Chimera caves. We also ate pomegranates again, drank pomegranate juice, ate frosty drinks and simply rested. The campaign is freezing? Well, everything is possible! If it is Turechchina, Likiiki and us a cool guy who knows where to get local edibles and bring us there!

At the place of the night we came to Chirali. Here we were greeted by orange trees. A lot of orange trees just in the middle of the city, at the campsite where we spent the night. It’s nice that they are green and not ripe.

Вогні Химери

Day 8. Cruel. As our guide Igor Kolotukha said, we will sail on our own yacht. And so it happened. The whole day we just kayfuvali!!! We sailed into the bay, we threw the yakir and owned the splits. Someone just like that, someone in masks, but in any case, emotions went over the edge. Because immediately the new bay was more beautiful than the previous one!

We spent the night in a small village Adrasan. The local color of this city was so interesting that I will definitely come here again.

Група Кулуару в поході по Лікійці

Day 9. Beach.

Today was the first time I saw small cajuns. But that was just by chance, when we decided to go to a small mountain in the afternoon and walked into a cave. Of course, no one ventured there. And that’s where we saw these magnificent creatures.

Sea, mountains, sun!!! Almost the entire day we spent on the beach, sunbathing and swimming doshochu in the warm Mediterranean Sea. Still there are people who doubt whether it is worth it to go hiking! I do not believe it!

Today I was asleep at the thought that it is not so interesting to go to holiday in Turkey with an all-inclusive package. Just with children. And even that is not a fact!

Захід сонця

Day 10.

Started with a fantastic meeting of the sun behind the sea horizon. Those who live near the sea can enjoy such a view not every day. But I am closer to the sea at least 400 km, so I did not allow myself to sleep long!

It was our last day of the trip. Although we were walking without backpacks (they soon went to a car), it turned out not so easy. Took with them not a lot of water, which until very quickly ran out. The one who intends to go to the Liquorice by the same route, do not repeat our mistakes, take 2 or even 3 liters of water.

On the way there was an effective great lighthouse Gelidonia. I got soaked in the sun, and I had no desire to take at least a few good pictures against its backdrop. And just to have mercy on him! That’s why I now do a lot of good.

After dinner I felt much better! Now I could once again delight in unique landscapes. And there was a lot of them!

We spent the night in the pirate bay.

Ранок на березі моря

Day 11. Well, of course, we went swimming in this cove as well. And only after that we packed our backpacks and drove by car to Antalya.

It would seem that here our adventures ended, but no. Today, thanks to our year, we could see a completely different Antalya. Wander the old city, eat local specialties, such as pide (a Turkish dish), ayran (something like our kefir), kofta (grilled meatballs), and, of course, buy Turkish sweets, souvenirs, etc. for our relatives and neighbors.

Турецькі солодощі

Thanks to all for the wonderful company, for support, for the fantastic mood every day, heat, interesting stories. Igor Kolotukha, you’re a super instructor, I was glad to go under your leadership.

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