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Hiking in Iceland. There could be dragons here...

Author: Svetlana Pavelieva, Russia, Moscow
Teamleader: Ihor Kolotukha
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Night flight. Gathering. I try to fit into the backpack (special for lady 55) the minimum of the minimum of things needed for a hike. It comes out only on the second try, with the sleeping bag, tent and rug bolted on the outside. Trying to put it on myself. At the same time, my back is pretty much saying out loud what it thinks of my irrepressible desire for travel and adventure.

Next came the sympathetic words of the cab driver, the triangular polyethylene something leaving on the luggage conveyor belt, the 50 minute connection between flights, the most beautiful sunrise and... Iceland!

Getting my luggage and heading to the campsite! Joy one - the buses in Iceland have wi-fi! I stare into the distance of the fields and wait for the dragon's shadow to cover the sun for a moment. The sun, I seem to have brought with me to this side of the world.

At the campsite (5 stars by the way - there's a shower and a kitchen, and at night there's wi-fi right in the tent) my guide, Igor, meets me, helps with the load and teaches me how to set up my tent. I arrived earlier, and have the opportunity to visit excursions and acclimatize, which I would recommend to all. On the day of arrival I acclimatize, I go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on the beach on the other side of Reykjavik. I look around the city - it feels like there are no people here at all, of course, dragons have all escaped. When I'm frozen from the waters 60 km from the North Pole, running to get dressed, I meet a Scandinavian woman in a down jacket - and I realized that the trip to Iceland will be amazing and exotic! And so it turned out.

Iceland is a country with more volcanoes than people! It's true that the local population should be put in the red book. But you can see something smoking and bubbling very often. The biggest impression for me, of course, were the huge lava fields. Imagine, black endless expanses of scorched earth and rocks. Smoky mountain slopes, bubbling water and basalt rocks of indescribable shape...

Iceland is the land of water. There are so many waterfalls that it seems not even all of them have names! Stormy and full-flowing, then thin but high strings! But the most impressive is Dettifoss - the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Huge streams of water, falling down into a gray haze. You feel that this is the edge of the world, and that down there are huge leviathans beating their tails, dragging the solid earth.

Speaking of leviathans. We saw whales! Incredible animals. Our crew was also very incredible. What I can say for sure about the hikes - that the people on them are always good, soulful and interesting! For example, on the day we walked to the lonely mountain (I reviewed all the Hobbits when I arrived), one of our participants was telling us epics about Brunhilde! Very atmospheric!

Also, it is insanely interesting to communicate with the guides. They are people in love with travel and nature. Their experiences, stories - you can listen with open mouth and admire! And here I can't help remembering the food during the trip))). First of all we ate blueberries and blueberries ripening all the way there! And secondly, our guide, Igor, cooked delicious food for us! (And he almost didn't cook my hated oatmeal, for which he is very thankful).

In general the trip was very comfortable! We practically always had an opportunity to take a hot shower, and there were a lot of walks without backpacks. We visited several small towns, as well as quite a wilderness area without people. We visited the most beautiful pool (with water slides and hot tubs), local bars and stores. We walked through lava deserts, heather fields, mountains and canyons.

The hike itself through the northern part of Iceland is unconventional - there are far fewer tourists and people. The climate is milder - we all got a tan, and it's 50 km from the North Pole. And if you arrive a couple of days early and leave a couple of days later - you can drive from Reykjavík on different excursions in the south of Iceland and thus see everything!

And if at first Reykjavík makes quite a suicidal impression, and if it's dank in a tent without central heating and your backpack weighs a ton... I will say that by the end of the trip I adored this fresh air, lack of stuffiness and this Nordic atmosphere. I slept great, and I threw the backpack on my back with one left. And it was no longer a burden, but a reasonable deterrent, so as not to rush headlong into the adventure. And the northern sky is incredibly colorful, just fantastic!

Next, buying local souvenirs, a warm Icelandic sweater (on arrival it seemed creepy, but love does not always happen at first sight). Warm farewells to the team, to the guides. And again to the sky, now home. And something inside has already changed. And I will definitely go back there. After all, somewhere in these lands dragons live.

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