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Feedback on the hike to Annapurpa with Kuluar

Author: Eugenia Pantelei, 33, Minsk, Belarus
Teamleader: Sergii Novikov
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I had never hiked before. The hike to Annapurpa was my first and therefore very exciting. There were many doubts, but the desire to visit the Himalayas overcame all my fears. And Kuluar helped me to keep all my fears only as fears.

At the airport each of the group was met by our guide, Sergey. When the group was assembled, he helped each of us buy the missing equipment. I originally did not plan to take the services of a porter. Especially for this I bought a quality backpack and took only the essentials, so that the weight was acceptable to me. But, despite the small weight (8 – 9 kg), the backpack seemed to me very heavy. Sergei helped me properly pack the backpack and adjusted all the straps so that the 8 kg of weight behind my back was not felt at all. I went all the way without a hitch, not paying attention to the backpack. I think that if it were not for Sergey’s help I would have had to use the services of a porter.

It was very comfortable to walk the route at my chosen pace, with the necessary breaks. There were some laggers in the group (because of feeling unwell) but they were assigned a separate Nepalese guide and they kept their own pace, arriving at their overnight stop a few hours later than us. After a couple of days, the laggards felt better and we continued together.

On the way one participant also became ill, she, like me, carried her backpack by herself. Sergey throughout the day carried two large backpacks at once, putting his own backpack on the front. A day later she was already in the ranks, but how nice it is when you can be so backed up and helped out!!! It makes you feel like part of a real team after that!!!

Весенний трек к Аннапурне

During the hike we saw clouds floating by, an avalanche coming down from Annapurna (like a special order for Kuluar))) and met the most amazing sunrises in my life, when the sun exposed one peak after another in front of us because of the misty haze of the night.

After 10 days of trekking, when we were back in Kathmandu again, one day was set aside to visit the tourist spots of Kathmandu.

Sergey drove us around the sights all day, telling us the history of the places we visited. By the end of the trek the whole group had become very close, and I still keep in touch with some of the participants.

Лоджи с горными панорамами

I am very glad that I went on my first hike with Kuluar. The whole route went in one breath – the views were mesmerizing in their diversity. It’s very comfortable that you get all the answers to your questions. There is no need to think where to go, where to stay for lunch, for overnight stay; you just have to go and admire monumental views of the mountains, forgiving, letting go and forgetting everything unnecessary, and leaving only admiration and grace of the world around us.

I am glad that during my first hike there were new and interesting destinations. I will definitely go with you again!

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