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Review of the itinerary "The Lycian Way hiking hut to hut - without tents and large backpacks"

Author: Karpovich Alice, Kyiv
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We chose the Kuluar for the Lycian Way hiking hut to hut - without the nets and large backpacks from the 22nd of September. From the first hvilnivaniya with the manager Lyudmila we sensed the professional level of the organization and without hesitation confirmed participation in the hiking, that not regretted :)

Ludmila promptly responded to all organizational questions, gave recommendations on how to prepare and the appropriate equipment 🙂 We were very happy with the trip and the participants of the hike.

We were very lucky with the leader and the participants of the team.

Experienced guide Andrew planned the days of the tour with special attention to the physical readiness and age of all participants, with a creative approach to the most interesting places and charming places – everyone was able to get their portion of the adrenaline and pleasure in the conditions. With Andrew we are ready to go elsewhere in search of new opportunities:).

So by chance we happened to be in a very pleasant company, and this made the trip more enjoyable.

We were very pleased to get acquainted and go through this path together with the friendly and fun participants in the campaign, which in the end became our old acquaintances

We do not know how Kuluar finds hotels, but accommodation in the proposed hotels meets the level of the hotel with comfortable conditions and delicious food. It is very nice at the end of the day, feeling the comfort of the atmosphere, to stay in a quiet hotel with a beautiful view or a cool citrus garden.

We are very grateful to Kuluar for the superb stay in the mountains, spectacular views of the sea and unforgettable impressions. We expected to receive new, in comparison with staying at the resort in Turkey, and what we got – overcame expectations. The mountains in the spring are not overcrowded, filled with aromas and colors, the ride is pleasant and not overly driving, the support of the guide is timely and professional. We will recommend to our friends as a wonderful alternative to a passive stay at the resort.

We have left pleasant discussions and hope that we will meet up with Kuluar more than once in other fascinating places. We hope that our review and recommendations will be useful for those who are looking for a reliable partner for fulfilling their dreams of hiking in the mountains.

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