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On the swing of a dream

Author: Tetyana Schultz, 30 , Dnipro
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"Check the stone for strength before stepping! Good check! Only when you are convinced that it is undisturbed, that it can bear a great load, you can step on it and transfer the weight!" - What a good thing he said...

It has been an advanced day of our trip. During this time it was a good idea to have Andriy Pilipyuk as a reliable support, a solid “rock” in our family of 16 men, who can be trusted in any situation without any worries. If you fly, he will catch you for sure! Because he is a bird who can’t live without the peace and freedom that comes from the wide open spaces of the fresh mountain air!

With these thoughts I continued my descent down the skeleton, which was hanging over us by a wonderful wall of incredible mirrors…

For a long time after the descent I could not get out of my head the words of our friend Andrew. It was so nice to know that thanks to him we did not suffer the whole time. We were in the hands of people with great experience, a good laugh and a thirst for new discoveries! And when the eyes of the year are burning with his favorite profession – that is 99% of successful and exciting game! Andrew energizes you and helps you see the world in a new light!

We walked along the rocky footsteps of the water and marveled at the endless clear skies. The little specks of sunshine were resting on the bright green bunches of pine trees. And my thoughts flew to the sea, remembering unforgettable moments of our lives… The first flight in my life, over the kilim of snow-white dunes… It seemed that we were among a large number of malted absorbent cotton, which we loved so much in our childhood… First night in sleeping bags on the beach in the volume of millions of stars, which were under the saw’s eye of the important month… Magnificent twilights on the Mediterranean Sea… The early morning sun rose the horizon in colors of life! To be a witness of the birth of a new day – it is an unbelievable feeling!

The first few days of the trip were very important. Even in spite of the bathing in the rather cold Gainuk Canyon. We received a lot of pleasure from this flood, but it was necessary to ruin the road! The group was very optimistic, so the whole trip was accompanied by laughs)). We were gaining height through the dense forest, in order to get to the top. Tahtalı dagi – that was the dream, which did not give me peace for many months!

It was getting dark… The bright eyes of the half-moon flitted rapidly into the sky one by one. Until late at night we were sitting near the luggage, listening to stories and making plans for the next day. Tomorrow we will be on top! In a good mood we went to our huts in order to start descending as soon as possible.

But not always in life everything happens according to plan. Nature had its own ideas in this regard … The rumbling gurgle of thunder, the sparkles that ceaselessly shone in the sky, woke up about the third. The wind gusts and hail and rain asked us to stay overnight in our lodgings … The lunch was on the “lodgings”: we were treated to a delicious milk porridge that day! By the way, the food was always varied and tasty! Andriy cooks masterpiece!

The weather did not give up its position. The time of the gut was running out. And along with it, like a dog through the fingers, the hope to get to the top disappeared. Twelve o’cklock…

“Are you ready to go down?” – The group decided to go down. Some wanted to quickly get to the camping in Bejchik (this was the place for the next night), in order to rest. And dehto just resigned himself and began to pack in the “valise” of dreams about the departure. One crock at a time we were washing the bagpipes and trickling forward. The rustle of the milkmen and the rhythmic clanking of trekking sticks on the slimy stone was palpable… The leaders were getting on and we made some trouble in a good spirit.

There were two leaders. Igor Zelenchuk – the soul of our company! Throughout the whole trip helped the participants overcoming difficulties and maintained a good spirit of the hiking team! When it seemed that there was no strength at all, Igor, even if he is a loyalist, took out of the kitchen a “great honey cake” – a good warm cake! These portions of gaiety were good for you and were a source of new energy! And in situations that required taking decisions, Igor always acted respectfully, accurately and quickly!

Oxana Markina was also with us. Douzhe kind, positive, sensitive and unnoticeable assistant in our family of tourists! She knows all the intricacies of tourism life!

At one point we stopped at the lodge and the leaders decided to lift the ships of our dreams! We agreed to divide the group. Abi all were happy, Igor had to lead volunteers to the camping, and Andrew had to give the magic bullet to “shibaiholes” and the first nosy, so that they wandered to Tahtali)). After that decision the whole orchestra started playing! Drums, drums, violins, cello – everything went! My soul went into action! Thank you so much for Igor and Oksana being with us!

More than once there were situations with the possibility of choice, when the group was divided. This is not surprising. All of us are different, everyone considered their own goals, had their own expectations and descriptions. Guys, Andrew and Igor, and Oksana very well and clearly coordinated our approach and always maintained the atmosphere of good spirit in the team! They are the masters of their craft!

After we braved the hike, the weather was merciless! The sun started laughing through the gray sky, the wind dried the wet rocks so that it was easier for us to climb, and we already forgot the false signs of the weather.

That night I thought: this is how life always is! We only need to make the first step with confidence, and then life will give us plenty of chances and opportunities to reach our goal!

The descent was very steep, as the altitude increased rapidly the wind gusts, and we barely was kept at a cliff.

We did it! We are at a height of 2365 meters! Emotions perechoplyuyut, and the edges zarazhivayut! Numovirnye sensations! Only a couple of years ago already did not expect that we will go there … We drank tea and quickly changed our minds! It was not too long before we had to carry the cloths the whole time! It’s +5 C at the top, the wind is rubbing our clothes, but we are filled with joy, contentment and joyless happiness!

We achieved everything: we saw unreal views from the top of the Tahtalı Dag, and in the morning we went to the campsite, where other group members were waiting for us. This day was a perfect example of how life gives unprecedented surprises! Sometimes it takes only three minutes to check in…

The next day was down to the sea, or rather to the camping in Cirali. We set up in the orange orchard. What a delight to be there, to feel the extraordinary aroma of quietly ripped citrus!

There were also mandrakes on the bays watching us. Each of them was unrepeatable, had its own character and kinship to impress us!

The beautiful moments of the Lykkijskij road one by one splits in the memory… Pomegranate Orchards in Adrasan… The trees seemed to be taking in great fruits! Sun-drenched scarlet fruits enchanted and enchanted with their beauty…

And how captivating the world of caves! With fascination at once, when the weather was right, we wandered into the mysterious expanse of mysterious nature. How many secrets they keep for centuries!

It was an incredibly intense five days of unforgettable emotions and exciting experiences!

What was the most important thing in the campaign? Saying goodbye! The crystal-clear sea, the boundless sky, the magnificent mountains, the gardens of juicy oranges and pomegranates … And more important was to say goodbye to those who were the order of the whole time, and with whom we once graced the beauty of Turkey!

Thanks to everyone involved in our campaign for support and good mood! Grateful to the guests (Andriy Pilipyuk, Igor Zelenchuk) and Oksana Markinii for the safe trip, bright impressions that exceeded all expectations, for realizing my dreams and priceless life lessons! Thank you manager Liudmila Lisun for the valuable advice and comprehensive answers to many questions when preparing for the trip!

Once again, reaffirmed that the Kuluar – only professionals! I wish your team new and interesting routes and easy climbing the highest peaks! Looking forward to seeing you again! I believe that everything will be cool, because Kuluar can not do it any other way!

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