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Kilimanjaro - 2021

Author: Denis Kolesnichenko, Kyiv
Teamleader: Sergii Novikov
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Friends, read a poem about climbing Kilimanjaro from our participant!

The mountain that sparkles

With the majesty of its snows

The call to those people who are ready to climb it,

Who are ready to climb it.

To it our souls have gone

To its unearthly heights

And in February we were able

To make our dream come true

With all the equipment we need to reach our goal

And in February we made our dream come true, With all our equipment and all our stuffing,

We flew together to Moshi,

To start the march to the summit

And on the first day we got caught in a downpour

In the middle of banana orchards,

We learned our first lesson

That everyone should be ready for the rain

though the banana leaf was huge

It didn’t protect us from the rain

It was the only one who had a poncho

Only the one who brought a poncho

And the weather made us all united

as the boys pushed the jeep uphill

They saw the team’s strength

They saw the strength of the team

And at supper we got to know each other

And in the morning, when it dawned

And in the morning when it dawned

We arrived at Ubmwe gate.

The porter’s bags were handed over,

And unpacked our lunchbox

we dressed ourselves in ponchos

And into the jungle we set off in droves

Till the evening our route went on

Amidst the unimaginable beauty

And Umbwe camp appeared

At an altitude of 2900

We ate a hot supper there,

And then, after passing out, we slept,

And afterwards, passed out and slept

To the cries of wild monkeys.

From the morning the ascent continued

Among the bushes and lianas

And the clouds chased us,

Throwing everyone into the thick fog.

By lunchtime we came to Barranco,

Which greeted us with rain,

And we made the radial walk,

‘Cause we don’t mind the rain

And from a height of nearly four

That day it opened up to us.

In the snow, the most wonderful Kili

And the clouds were glorious!

And in the night the stars shone,

That scattered the stars and looked after,

Amid the wonder of contemplation

There seemed a toilet – chalet🙂 .

And morning came again.

And we crawled to the wall,

To test our strength

We climbed the Barranco wall

We climbed the Barranco wall

And on top of it we stood

To Karanga we made our way,

Hiking through the lava fields

There the clouds opened up

And we saw the sunset

And in no time at all

And in an instant we looked out to see off the sun!

In the morning the rain accompanied us,

“We set off at a leisurely pace…

We went to the climbing base –

We’re at Barafu Camp

Wet snow met us in the camp,

In tents all at once drove all

So that every one before the night “run”

At least a little sleep!

And then midnight came.

The hour of storming approached quickly,

With all his strength in his fist!

The team went forward!

And the night wore on endlessly –

Up and up we went and up we went

It seemed like it would last forever

Breakaway from that lower earth🙁

The wind was blowing harder,

And the snow was pounding in the face,

But none ever gave up,

And onward we went!

One step at a time, pole, pole

Breathing with great frequency,

“We walked up to the top of the hill,

Up we went to the top of the mountain.

We walked up to the summit,

We met a wonderful dawn –

And the snow of the peaks pink and white

We’ll remember for years to come

The sun smiled sweetly upon us,

“And the sun smiled sweetly upon us, Trying to cheer us on our way,

The remnants of strength were gathered,

To push ourselves forward!

But the pole-pole principle is wonderful –

And here we stand on the Stelle –

And no matter how hard it may be –

Already to Uhuru we hurry!

And at 9:30 – there’s the summit!

Our road to victory is complete!

What a wondrous picture!

What grace of times!

And the time has come for us to descend –

Down the slippery slushy paths,

And it’s hard not to stumble

On this descent it was hard not to stumble!

But when we’re through, we’re in Barafu

And a little rest from the road,

We knew we had to go lower

Down Millenium we went!

We’re back in the jungle again,

And a sound sleep overtook us,

And when we were a little cheerful

And the last leg of the journey awaited us.

We had walked 17 kilometers,

Down to the Mweka gate,

To this final moment.

Everyone was very glad to see this moment.

Then we drove to Arusha,

To the simple pleasures of life.

And every one was glad even to the soul,

To beds that were soft and big🙂 .

Then a safari awaited us all,

among baobabs and elephants,

and also in the crater of the volcano,

where the animals found their shelter!

The Masai were very impressive,

When we went to their village:

The traditions of their native land!

They opened up to us the traditions of their homeland!

And the ocean in Zanzibar

We’ll never forget

The turquoise waters of Zanzibar

Where our heart wants to live 🙂 It was top class.

Everything was bright, top notch,

Emotions couldn’t be contained

Sergei was an expert in his field,

From all the dangers 🙂 I’ve saved you from all the dangers

Thanks to my friends from Africa,

To Marina for her online support 🙂

Hiking with Couloir is power,

We are looking forward to a new hike with you!

Восхождение на Килиманджаро 2021 - фото 1
Восхождение на Килиманджаро 2021 - фото 2
Восхождение на Килиманджаро 2021 - фото 3
Восхождение на Килиманджаро 2021 - фото 4
Восхождение на Килиманджаро 2021 - фото 5
Восхождение на Килиманджаро 2021 - фото 6
Восхождение на Килиманджаро 2021 - фото 7
Восхождение на Килиманджаро 2021 - фото 8
Восхождение на Килиманджаро 2021 - фото 9

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