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Iceland - the place where I searched for myself

Author: Marina Ruban, Ukraine, Kiev
Teamleader: Maryna Ruban
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It's kind of weird to write such words to the instructor, but it can't be helped if it turned out that way. So, a little backstory. I was very casually offered to lead a hike in Iceland, and for this I quit my job. I wanted a change.

It turned out that I was in the country of elves for a month: the first two weeks as a trainee with the first group, and the second two weeks as an instructor with the second group.

Let's start with Iceland. It's a country of mental delight. When you walk these hills - you feel an infinity of beauty.

Such small, cute and at the same time manly hills are an integral part of the incredibly beautiful nature of Iceland.

Although it's not my first time in the mountains, it still has that first-time feeling.

You walk through a huge field where you won't encounter anything alive, except tourists just like you. An endless black field. You think, "If only there were a flying saucer here, you'd be in an alien homeland, or on an expedition to outer space.   

Here it is, the landing on Mars.

Do you like ice cream? After a trip to Iceland, you'll just dream about it. Not only is it delicious and sold in gas stations there, but the mountains remind you of it.

горы как макфлури

At first it is very simple - you walk around, there is almost nothing special. But, the moment you meet all the beauty of nature in one place, you realize that you are in a fairy tale: glaciers, and large lava fields, and geysers, and warm springs, and everything in one place. At that moment you feel like a fantastic hero, who discovers new worlds. Immediately you want to travel back in time. To get to a time when all this lava was still "alive" and consumed everything in its path, when there were trolls running on this wonderful grass, when courageous Vikings lived. Yes... ...you can't help but dream. ...

Great lava fields. Places where trolls and elves ran. 

After the day hiking you want to rest, you want to feel yourself a part of this magical fairy tale, you just want to take some of the beautiful things with you... to Kiev. And then you start thinking about the past, the future, the present. What to change? How to make beautiful things happen every day? Sometimes you think like this: 

And there you go:

The main thing is that you want to move forward and discover new horizons.

I love you, Mountains! I love you for your inaccessibility, for the beauty you give us, for the pleasure we feel next to you, for everything... I love and will love you. Thank you, Iceland. Thank you for new ideas, for new perspectives on life, for a new me.

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