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Аrarat 2021

Author: Kolesnichenko Denis, Kyiv
Teamleader: Sergii Novikov
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Hello! This time we were in a group with the guys from Ternopil, who, when I read them a story about Kili, asked that I write about this expedition in Ukrainian. In Ukrainian :)

A glorious place of power,

The snowy Ararat.

The legendary land,

That the ark melted!

The holy mountain

To us the holy mountain.

The time has come in December.

It’s time to go 🙂 …

The airplane took us

To the ancient city of Van

With a great lake,

The ocean.

The fiery Van seals.

We were there to meet –

At the airport

There was a memorial 🙂

We ate in the evening.

In the city of Edremit,

Early in the morning we rushed

To Dogubayazit.

The first was a surprise.

The waterfall of the mountains,

With breezes that breeze,

It was the same as the sea.

About the third year

It’s time for a diva’s visit –

We were over the road

Ararat was there.

It was impossible

To take our eyes off

You could see how beautiful

How the snow glistened.

With a cauldron in the hotel

The evening passed.

In the afternoon already on Eli.

The transfer was waiting for us.

From a height of two or two hundred.

Our journey began.

In the rocky

Lava fields.

We walked a kilometer

Up a hill of height –

And we fell down without strength.

It was hard to walk.

Our base camp

We were gladly welcomed.

Each all inclusive

For dinner.

We were invited

To the mountain regimen

And we adapted.

To live clearly with him 🙂 The tabor was greeted by us.

From the tabor was giving in.

Those close to us were already over.

They were trespassing.

Going the extra mile 🙂 Stop – first things first.

STOP – you have to go first.

To go for a ride.

One kilometer to go

We need more heights

At 4200

We have been there for a while.

And back to the base.

We went downhill

For the next race.

The same path was waiting for us.

At 4200

The line was tight.

Nearby we saw

The Small Ararat,

The ark’s lakes

Are still lying

Three hundred meters more.

Up the hill,

And in their own rooms.

They all went to sleep.

The night awaited the assault –

In the hour of rising from sleep –

And on the next day

We were in the air.

The hillside.

All grew quickly,

That’s a lot to take in.

Few would have expected.

The winds have shown their power…

Demonstrated to us,

Everyone in mittens

Hands lusted.

And in the night, in an old-fashioned way.

Uphill for all of us,

Until the sun

When the sun goes down

The beautiful people…

The true mountain’s shadow,

The sun’s flickers,

The snow from far away.

Enraptured by beauty,

The cats wore

And they went on their way.

And went on with the flames.

And about twenty-five –

It’s time for victory.

The peak is already there.

We are greeted 🙂 .

And even though my fingers were freezing.

In the picture,

I was happy to see.

The sky and the mountains!

Then the descent was long.

On the rocks,

Where the end of the route

was still not to come.

We slept for a while.

We went to the campsite two –

We went to the base,

Watching the diva.

Fine Kurdish dancing

And cool songs,

Then we had a rest.

In a sound sleep.

And back to Eli.

Our descent was already three.

A bed and a shower in the hotel.

Everyone already expected.

Then on the program

To Itzhak Pasha.

To the palace as a guest.

Together we came

A fine evening for us.

Adam had a wonderful evening,

Tasty lamb

Each man had his meal.

We also saw

Akhtamar Island,

Where the Armenian church

Kept the vivtars

Tribute is returned

To all their heroes

Adam, Sergei –

Boys in combat 🙂 .

Enemies and emotions.

The place of latitude –

The couloir, as always.

You are at the height!

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