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How to get to Zugdidi? Buying tickets and gathering the group


Read our detailed article on how to get to Zugdidi, the town where most of the Kuluar Georgia hikes start

The priority airport of arrival in Georgia is Kutaisi International Airport. It is only 80 kilometers from Zugdidi. But since there were no cheap flights from Ukraine to this airport in the past couple of seasons, below is information on how to get to Zugdidi from Tbilisi and Batumi. If you take a plane ticket with a flight to Kutaisi, though, that would be just fine!

Международный аэропорт Кутаиси

How to get to Georgia from Ukraine

The best way to get to Georgia from Ukraine is to fly with the airlines YANAIR and SkyUP from Kiev to Tbilisi or Kiev to Batumi. Prices for round-trip flights with luggage start at 200 USD. Maybe you can also take advantage of the special offer and get the tickets a little cheaper. We recommend that you buy tickets in advance, because usually the closer to the departure date the cheaper they become.

Important! If you’re flying from Borispol, then please note that the above-mentioned airlines, as well as Ryanair, take off from Terminal F.

Also you can get to Georgia by ferry Chornomorsk – Batumi or Chornomorsk – Poti (one way trip at least 3 days) or by train (also long and with change in Baku). You can save 500 – 1000 UAH and spend half of your vacation for that. The choice is yours. The ferry runs “according to the weather”, the schedule is floating, the time of arrival and departure does not always coincide with the dates listed on the website (tested).

КПП Верхний Ларс

Group Meeting

Kuluar hikers meet in Batumi (from 2021), at a partner hostel. Your guide will be there a couple of days early. To book a night in this hostel, just write to our manager. If you arrive in Zugdidi on your own, you can stay there – the whole group can pick you up from there on the way to the mountains.

We recommend arriving at the hostel the day before your program starts. This is convenient – in the morning on the day of the meeting you don’t need to look for the hostel, you can wake up later, have a quiet breakfast and meet the guide in advance.

Detailed and up-to-date information about the place of the meeting of the group we will send you 7-10 days before the campaign e-mail.

How to reach Zugdidi from Tbilisi

1. How to get from Tbilisi airport to the city

Tbilisi Airport is 15 km from the city center.

Bus number 37 runs 24 hours a day every 15-20 minutes (at night 30-40 minutes). The fare is 0,5 Gel (Approximate exchange rate of Georgian lari: 1 Gel = 0,3 USD). Before this you need to change money at the airport, the exchange office is open round the clock. The bus stop is located opposite the arrival area, right at the exit. On the pavement in big yellow letters it says “BUS”. You need to go to the terminus – Tbilisi Central Railway Station. The road will take 40-50 minutes, depending on traffic.

– By train. The train station is located 70 meters from the airport – it is a white hemispherical building with golden windows. There are only two train departures per day – at 8:35 and 17:40, the end point is Tbilisi Railway Station. Travel time – 20-25 minutes, the fare – 0,5 Gel.

– Cab. The cost is 40 Gel. Taximaxim and YandexTaxi are good options.

Shuttle bus. The shuttle bus is available 24 hours a day, costs 8 Gel and has only 3 stops (Freedom Square, Heroes Square, and May 26th Square).

Мост Мира в Тбилиси

2. How to get from Tbilisi to Zugdidi

– By train. Every day from Tbilisi depart up to four trains, travel time is approximately 5.5 hours. You can check the schedule on the official website of the Georgian railroads or on the website biletebi.ge. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of the railway station, but better online on the same website, pre-registered.

– By bus. From the bus station Didube on filling depart buses to Zugdidi and Kutaisi. The cost is 10-15 Gel; travel time is about 4 hours to Kutaisi, and about 5-6 hours to Zugdidi. The last direct bus to Zugdidi leaves at 19:00.

If change in Kutaisi:

The Tbilisi-Kutaisi route arrives in Kutaisi at the bus station on Chavchavadze Street. From there the buses go to Zugdidi as well. The driver will tell you exactly where from – the bus station is small. From Kutaisi to Zugdidi is 100 km on a flat road, about 1.5 hours, depending on the traffic and the driver.

Дворец Дадиани

How to get to Zugdidi from Batumi

1. How to get from Batumi Airport to the city

– By bus. There are two bus routes from the airport to the city:

Route 9 – runs through the central streets of Batumi, arriving in the very center of the city.

Route 10 – the bus runs along the promenade along the coastline, passing Batumi’s central train station.

Both buses run from 7 am until midnight in summer (during the season), and until 8 pm in winter. The stop is on the right hand side at the exit of the airport building. The cost is 0.4 GEL but you can buy a ticket for at least 2 rides (0.8 GEL).

– By cab. If you arrive at night, you have to call a cab. Yandex Taxi and Taximaxim are good options. The fare to the city is 7…10 GEL. There is Wi-Fi at the airport.

2. How to get from Batumi to Zugdidi

By shuttle bus from the old bus station, address: Mayakovsky Street, 1. Shuttle buses leave every hour from 8:00, and approximately until 20:00. The last flight should always be checked locally. The cost is 12 GEL. The trip takes about three hours.


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