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Getting to know the Himalayas. Recommendations for the EBC trek

Author: Pavlo Yurchenko, 42, Estonia
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I have been in the mountains before, but from the Himalayas is still unvisited, so it was decided to go to the not difficult track. Why the choice fell on the Couloir, even now I do not know, probably, in the evening in FB have seen the ad)))

The mountains did not want to accept, for family reasons I was forced to give up the tickets for the flight and cancel the trip, but the desire or stupidity is stronger for the circumstances, so 2 months later I bought a new ticket and that’s it – Kathmandu.

On the track you can find a lot of information on the Internet. I will not torture you with the names of settlements or descriptions of the hours of transition and recommendations for lodges. Couloir – professionals who are very quick to learn, and I hope that your trip will be without the problems that we had.

Панорама з виглядом на Ама Даблам

There were no special questions about the clothes, as everything is from the previous campaigns. The only question was whether or not to take a warm jacket and warm boots … As a result, the decision to take – turned out to be a mistake), as I took only once and only in order to just wiggle the clothes, so that they do not free ride. As for the arguments – my subjective opinion (on the track EMU): warm mountain shoes – not necessary, quite ordinary trekking shoes, and I passed the trek in trekking shoes, not shoes. Hodovi pants – a challenge. Who likes what, but the whole track passed in a membrane insulator without running pants. Down – definitely do not take) Softshell, fleeces, thermo and membrane perfectly cope with any conditions (note to the Kuluar we categorically do not agree with the views of the participant about the down. In most cases we feel that it is necessary to take a warm down, not just a thin one. We and our friends always take a warm down jacket in the mountains). Bahili – do not take. The essential raincoat and jackets (which will protect you from the rain / snow, and play). Do not forget the toilet paper! But he was forced to buy in the mountains of the most expensive for my life – $ 3.5 per roll. The sleeping bag is warm not obov’yazdovo. Temperature comfort 0 vitstavit with a head, as well as in kozhnomu loggia have mats, which can cover the sleeping bag (note Kuluar – hike took place in mid-January, when the temperatures were much warmer than the beginning of the season). Well, do not forget the mat with microfiber – sometimes there is a possibility to take a shower).

Льодовик Кхумбу

For the prices of food/water/charging/shower. If you are still impressed by the program Komarov, where he talks about the wonderful and friendly Nepalese, then throw off your shoes as soon as possible! All that detaches you on this track, has only one purpose – to pump you out of the money! At everything))) For example, a piece of water in Gorak Sepi – $ 3.5 per liter (in Kathmandu – 0.8), a hot shower along the route – $ 5 average at a time. Charging the phone can be up to $ 3 per year, and the full charge of the bank – up to 10. So I recommend to take with you the maximum capacity of the bank and do not pay local! Lunch in the mountains costs 6-8 dollars for a cup of coffee. Cooking is NOT AWESOME!!! So be prepared for about 10 days you will eat rice in different variations. And even if you zamovalitet MOMO with meat, the meat itself there will not be) I recommend not to order the meat in general until those times, until you go down at least to Lukla. Also keep in mind that the owner of the boat, where you are staying believes that the food and evening you will have in him (it is on this and comes rabbit)! With us there was one incident in Dingboche (spent 2 nights). The owner cooked well duuuuuuge not savory, even for the mountains, so we refused to eat there. In the meantime, he prohibited us from being in the twin room, which is heated, after 17.00, stating that we do not take his food, and therefore we have no right to eat. Unfortunately, it happens that way. (Kuluar note – after this trip, we carefully reviewed the list of lodges, selected the best, where deliciously cooked and if possible with an individual shower in the rooms)


Gory, great Himalaya! If you have never been high in the mountains, then I want to warn you … IT IS HARD! Such a track – not walk in the woods with a backpack! This hard hard work! Here you have a wonderful opportunity to know what a throbbing headache, tachycardia, lack of sourness, exhaustion, lack of sleep, bellies instead of soul and smell of sweat))) and so on down the list! So if you are ready for all of this and willing to suffer for the sake of fantastic views of the mountains and euphoria of peaks – this trip will be your start zakohanosti in the mountains) but if you are used to a warm bed and service “all inclusive”, then do not go here).

Particular recommendation – do not be self-righteous) – take the porter for the entire duration of the track! You with a lightweight backpack higher than 4000 will already be difficult, not to mention about 20 kg. Also, if the mountains for you is something new and you do not know their own abilities and the reaction of the body to the altitude – go small! The poles are a must.

Еверест - Лхоцзе - Нупцзе

Do not be heroes! Heroes are the first to die) if you feel bad – go for a consultation with a guide. If you come down with a headache, take a walk and take the pain away at the beginning! If you feel too ill, go downstairs! As you wish! On the horse, on the back of the porter, on the helicopter or even on your hands and knees – down, down, down! Drink plenty of water) and if you feel like it drink Diacarb (Diamax), starting a day before the start of the trip and the whole time of the trip.

Know that going downhill is often not easier than going uphill. Lace your shoes tightly so that in the end you won’t break all your toes.

Remember that Nepal is a poor Asian country with its own brutality, order and attitude towards life. And you are in this country just a guest, which you can take away as much money as possible) and also – a great Helmala and our presence or absence for them – only mittity) mountain can not depreciate, it is only able to allow you to climb it.

And the main thing: climbing the mountain is a great way to test yourself, your body and strength of will and to get a charge of positive and adrenaline… and for the rest of your life to be infected with mountains)

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