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A fascinating journey along the East Lycian Trail

Author: Evgenia Budaeva
Teamleader: Anna Kornienko
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This is the end of our trip. It is sad to realize that another page has been turned, and this fascinating journey is in the past.

Now, when I came home, I remembered how you were preparing for the expedition, worried that everything was going well, that you had time for everything, chose your equipment, worried about the team you had chosen, how comfortable you would be with them…. But, as a result, everything worked out fine, and strangers at first became so familiar and close to you.
I would like to say that for such mountain hikes, you need to be prepared to enjoy the trip. I mean physical preparation. Just to get up from the couch and go – it will not pass here. This is still mountains, and backpacks are heavy.

In the same way, you need to be responsible for the selection of equipment. It will make your life a lot easier when you’re hiking. After my first hike, when I packed for all occasions, and as a result dragged a heavy backpack, I significantly revised my approach to backpacking. Every gram counts. So what I can do without (rather than just let it be, in case it comes in handy), was postponed. Backpacking took place in several rounds. And each time the amount of stuff you planned to take originally gradually dwindled to a minimum (when you remembered to carry it all on you). After each hike I decide what I need to buy for the next one, what I missed on this hike or what didn’t meet expectations. Particular attention must be paid to footwear. Shoes are second legs.

I prepared for the hike in advance – I ran, worked out at the gym, walked up the stairs (and the escalator). So it was not difficult for me to walk, I enjoyed the path and the panoramas around me.

West Lycica I passed last year, so the question of whether to pass the eastern part was not even a question. It was decided a year ago, right after the western part.

From a campaign has received huge pleasure! The route is very beautiful, the nature is picturesque – fascinating, the sea in the autumn warm, an abundance of pomegranates and oranges. And the main thing – the trip was very different – diving in the ice canyon, and climbing the peak of Tahtala, and swimming in the sea, and beautiful forests, and a cold overnight stay before climbing, and sausages on the Chimaera lights, and rain showers, in general we were not bored.

I will not describe the whole trip – it fully corresponds to the description of the route. From bright memories – is, first of all – the first day of bathing in the most beautiful canyon with very invigorating water, such that even took your breath away. Then during the hike we had to determine the water temperature – warmer or cooler than in the canyon. But it was worth it for sure – I advise all the desperate.

Secondly, the overnight stay before climbing the Tahtaly at a temperature of only +3 degrees. All a long time sitting by the fire and no one dared to go into the tent … But nothing, we survived the night – it was not so terrible. And in the morning we went on a trip to the summit to meet the sun.

Another extreme overnight stay we had because of the rain. And how beautiful everything started out. We were camping in a beautiful orange orchard. It took me a long time to set up the tent so that in the morning, when you wake up, you open the tent – and there’s a wonderful view of the orange orchard…. But that wasn’t the case. While we went to see the ancient city of Olympos, a thunderstorm hit us. The fact that we returned soaked to the skin, it’s nothing. But when we got to the campsite, it just turned into a lake in the middle of which there were our tents – everything was flooded with water, it was a dismal sight. We had to wade ankle-deep in water to get to our tent. It had been raining all night, so we had to make short hikes in the rain to pack our tents and backpacks. The mood fell down. But… We are on a camping trip. And we can have any weather during the expedition. Therefore, it was decided to continue along the route in the rain (although we sent backpacks, and who did not want to get wet, went with the backpacks to the parking lot). We walked in the rain, admiring the nature and the fog, but at the pass we were waiting for hot tea and Turkish flatbread gozlime and a warm stove, where we got warm and dried up, and then the rain ended.

The days flashed by one after another very quickly and somehow suddenly our hike came to an end. We got a sea of emotions and impressions, we overcame ourselves and went to new peaks and passes. Hike – it is knowing yourself, it is completely reset your mind, it is a meeting with new interesting people, and at the same time an opportunity to be alone with nature. Definitely every hike makes you happier! What a pity that all good things come to an end sooner or later.

Our team! It was an international team – Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia. Everyone lived together, helped each other, became one unit. It was very, very sad to have to leave.

I would like to thank Kuluar for the excellently organized trip, our manager Lyudmila for the preparation of the trip, and our team leader Anna Kornienko a special thank you. She made our trip comfortable, cozy, and made us a team. Anya thought and cared about everyone, created a good mood during the trip, cooked delicious food, and generally inspired us to do heroic deeds!

Now I’m looking forward to more hikes, the world is huge – so many interesting things! And I can say with confidence – if we go hiking, then with Kuluar!!!

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