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You need to go to Annapurna

Author: Oleksandra Smirnova, 34 , Kyiv
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Dawn at ABC base camp will come to me in my dreams. It's that moment when you walk along with the sun. The mountains change colors and the rays ignite the tops. The snow "burns," smoky clouds. You quicken your steps and the sun quickens them too. And here it is - the goal. The most interesting thing is that you understand at that moment - I can do it again!

Next. Higher. Longer. Faster.

The whole world is in front of you and you are in front of it.

No limits.

A feeling of joy and happiness.

You have to go to Annapurna if:

– the mountains have been calling you for a long time

– you have been in the Carpathian Mountains and Crimea and have the desire to go further

– Nepal is not just a piece of land for you near India, but the country with its culture, traditions and peculiarities.

You should 100% go when:

– life asks an unanswered question

– You don’t know how to share your last chocolate bar with strangers

– you want to feel the wind of adventure and drive

– you’ve been wondering if your coffee tastes different when you’re up in the air.

– don’t know how to handle an avalanche.

– Tired of watching monkeys at the zoo and want to feed them your own lollipops.

– you want to find your own limits and realize that there just aren’t any.

– you’re an extreme who’s not afraid of 12 days in the company of strangers.

– you don’t yet know that mountain sickness and its symptoms usually remain a game of the mind

– when you want to live the joy of ordinary things (a warm shower, a delicious dinner, a nap)

– you are a tenacious photographer and your portfolio lacks landscapes worthy of the highest National Geographic awards

– you are an office person, whose life has become a scheme house-work-home.

– You can’t imagine yourself without social networks, endless check-ins, and a 24/7 online presence.

– You want to have a similar experience as the hero of Three Cups of Tea

Треккинг к базовому лагерю Аннапурны

There are few things that can stop you along the way, because

– money is only a pile of paper, and the experience will always be with you.

– your friends will have at least half the equipment you need, so don’t hesitate to ask

– you won’t regret a minute of your vacation days

– the sunrises, the starry sky, the untouched Machapuchar, the cardiogram of peaks and something so warm in your heart will forever remain with you.

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